Britannia Mirage 2 Install

While we have been using the Cee Bailey shields on our F650’s for years and Cheryl just installed the new version on her F800, I decided to give the Britannia Mirage 2 a try.  Here a some of the install pics and I hope to get out on the bike soon to test the shield out in real riding conditions today.  As with anything you add to your bike it’s all subjective.  If this new version of the Mirage, a little curve to the shield itself and pulled back a bit works….than I predict Cheryl wanting a custom painted Mirage 2 for her bike as well. 

BRITANNIA WEB SITEtell Ian we sent you! 😉

This is not to say the Cee Bailey new ’13 shield is not as good, it’s about change and seeing what works even better for us.  Review of the Mirage once I have one later.  For now here is what it looks like in our garage.

Author: advgrrl

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10 thoughts on “Britannia Mirage 2 Install”

  1. Thank you for these excellent images. I’ve been struggling to decide which windshield would work best for me. I’m looking forward to your ride results and your comparison to Cheryl’s Cee Bailey. Thank you for all the great info you provide for us F8 riders.

    1. The Cee bailey has more protection from head and chest turbulence. I rode with the Mirage today and found a good height for my head. Wind sneaks around the fairing and hits your chest but it’s not in a violent way. I LOVE the location of my GPS all ready. Wicked spot and the fairing looks much better in person. We are going to get Cheryl one but not painted White. Just black with a tinted shield. We both think white would be too much white. I will post a more in depth review once I have one to post. I think this is a pretty neat set up, easy to install and looks Dakar like. Thanks for checking out our BLOG!

      1. I’ve been thinking about getting one of the inexpensive wunderlicht flappy thingies that clamps to the top of the windscreen before my big trip this summer, have you had any experience with these to compare with the Britannia? I have the oem touring screen which is not bad for me, but my pillion seems to get the full blast and it would be good to reduce it somewhat…

  2. How does the fairing hold up to single track abuse? Ie: tree branches etc? Does it feel solid and up to the task? Years of hard use?

    Thank you.


    1. Don’t know but they sell fairing for “single” track bikes. We do not take our F8’s near single tracks if possible but even with 2 track roads there are branches and crap to avoid. So far it’s good but the shield itself seems to scratch easily. To replace the shield, just the plastic I think is around $30. Mine is still not that bad but good to know you can just replace it when needed.

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