Made in NC: Gerbing’s Heated Clothing


Back in November 2012 we sent Cheryl’s right glove and liner to Washington and Gerbing’s for repairs.  There is usually a two week turn around.  Middle of December we get an email saying her gear would not be returned until 2nd week of January 2013.  By this time I was pissed because we ride all year-long and heat is a must in the winter.

I bought Powerlet gear because my liner shut down as well.  We went with Powerlet because well, let’s be honest….We LOVE Gerbing’s but we have had to send our gloves and/or liners back in the past because of faulty wiring and shorts.  Also, I was mad so why not try another company???

Long story short, Gerbing’s moved their production back to the US from China.  North Carolina to be exact.  Cheryl’s gear got lost in the shuffle.  A guy named Greg stepped in at the North Carolina site, sent us both brand new liners and gloves.  Greg ended up finding Cheryl’s gear, repaired that and sent it to us as well.  My gear is out there somewhere but for now I have new stuff to wear.  We really like the Powerlet liner, just missing side pockets, works well but in the end we are both wearing Gerbing’s because we like the fit better.

In the end, I am impressed to see how well Gerbing’s stepped up to the plate to regain our faith in their company.  We truly appreciate all that Greg did for us and hopefully with no more failures in the wiring , we will be happy riders.  Here is some information about Gerbing’s and click the link and watch the video…they really do seem to care about their product.

GERBING’s ARTICLE click here!

North Carolina has a long textile history, but no other company is creating its own category of clothing like Gerbing’s Heated Clothing.

Gerbing’s started out by turning out riding gear for motorcycle enthusiasts–making electric heating elements that could plug into their bike.

The company was founded near Seattle in the mid 1970′s, but moved production to Stoneville three years ago. They found a community that welcomed new jobs, and a workers who knew how to create clothing that combined style and technology…

Now, Gerbing’s turns out products for outdoor retailer Cabellas, as well as branded merchandise for Harley Davidson.

You can find more information about Gerbing’s on their website.

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