Cardo G9 ENG SUBS Master HD – Weird

We use Cardo G4 intercom sets…but seriously would this video/commercial make you want to buy the G9?  Please feel free to comment…I really want to hear someone’s thoughts on this…

Author: advgrrl

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11 thoughts on “Cardo G9 ENG SUBS Master HD – Weird”

  1. I like it. We try to use our Sena units with multiple riders and sometimes getting everyone synced is a pain. I also like the “call all” feature and FRS communication. Trouble is in a world of multiple selection getting everyone to buy the same thing is unrealistic. What I would like would be an industry standard comm system (FRS?) that allows all units to communicate no matter what the brand etc.

  2. No, the ad does nothing but make me want to stay away from this product. Reminds me of a Japanese Godzilla movie. Sorry that’s my opinion. The product looks to have some very neat features.

    1. Oh it’s a great product just not sure what this ad is all about. But Cardo uses weird videos advertising their system. They have a bubble bee one and that too is strange.

  3. OK the add. Well it uses sex, futuristic images, fast vehicles. Not a lot different than T-Mobile or a large percentage of other adds out there. At least it did not also include a monkey.

    1. I am going to be posting the new gear by KLIM for “girls” soon…sometimes I really feel we still live in the ages where sexism trumps and wins with ads. I am not a raging feminist but I find these ads very out dated. But alas, they still seem to work.

  4. I use the G4 and love it so I’m glad I never saw that ad as I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Clearly I’m not the demographic they’re targeting. Cheers.

  5. It’s a bit Wilma Deering meets The Angels in an explosion of retro 60s sci-fi kitsch. This is reinforced with suggestive and slightly homoerotic dialogue between our heroines, one of whom is momentarily lured, while en route to an unmentioned pillow fight, by a siren of a chap, who, like all men, sits around in waiting admiring his perfect swimmer’s build body in an off-camera full length mirror. But, in the end, we know where her heart lies, as she dumps the layabout and ends up chained to a pole, requiring her one true spandex-clad love to embark on a mission fraught with danger to rescue her, after which the duo presumably resumes their journey to the aforementioned pillow fight. To which they will now arrive fashionably late, of course.

    There is a plot hole, perhaps deliberate? Why didn’t our trapped, raven-locked woman call upon her double-duplicate-auto-orgy-mode to rescue her while she was chained to the pole? Clearly she preferred to be rescued by her accomplice… ahhh those feisty kids.

    Am I offended that the man in the film is depicted as a wanton sex object with his chiseled classic looks, precision manscaping and spray-on tan? No, but then again I probably wouldn’t get on with his mates anyway.

    As for our heroines, one more observation—anyone who can prance around the desert in those 6″ stilettos (and tolerating the associated bunions) without rolling an ankle or ending up with patellar dislocation is sedulous to say the least.

    I think the video doesn’t take itself too seriously, and by drawing on influences from a slightly more naïve era, it is somewhat refreshing compared to many other ads in our PC-gone-mad world.

    But does it sell intercom headsets? Not to me, I already have a Sena headset.

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