Klim Introduces Girl’s Gear – Really GIRL’S GEAR?????

Source:Enduro 360


Dear KLIM! You know we as advgrrls LOVE your gear, but let’s not over do it when it comes to PINK and calling us girls. We took your survey and I bet many did too. It’s grrls or women I mean really??? The pink piping might appeal to some but those who ride ADV bikes I hardly doubt will be interested in PINK, we just want good gear, equal to the guys that fit our bods! 😉

This is just one part of the completely new 2013 line from Klim.


with 2013 KTM 690 Duke

DSC_0331 DSC_0377 DSC_0425 DSC_0430 DSC_0432 DSC_0445 DSC_0458 DSC_0460


Author: advgrrl

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23 thoughts on “Klim Introduces Girl’s Gear – Really GIRL’S GEAR?????”

  1. Wonder why the men’s gear doesn’t have baby blue trim?

    Nice looking stuff but the pink should be an option for those who want it. No?

  2. Well, I’m not a woman, but I don’t get the idea that by adding pink to something, it makes women want to buy it. Maybe it does, but it does seem odd. Fortunately, from the pictures, the cut looks very much tailored to the proportions of a woman, but agree that I hope the pink is optional. Knowing where you ladies ride, the pink is going to get pretty dirty, pretty quickly.

  3. In healthcare we refer to pregnant people as women—not girls, not ladies, and definitely never patients (pregnancy isn’t an illness). But the fashion industry is an odd place… women’s, ladies’, female, girl’s (I’ve seen lass’ on occasion as well)—every company has their own preference, it seems, but for a company like Klim who produce protective gear, ‘girls’ is odd. And I wouldn’t want to get up the wrong side of their model, she is proper fierce in pink or otherwise!

    As for the pink, there is obviously demand for it, have a look at Icon’s women’s gear webpage—but they also offer black, grey and white. I think it would be safe to assume a company the size of Klim will offer several colourways as well… http://www.rideicon.com/products/?categoryId=2226

    For the record, many items in BMW’s range of rider gear have both men’s and women’s versions but pink is not on the menu for anything.

    And what’s wrong with blue? 🙂 My bike and all my gear is blue, white and grey!

      1. I saw this but guess what it’s missing? Gore Tex…only water resistant not waterproof. They will get it..gals like H20 proof like guys…

      2. Strange? you’d think they’d offer the same materials… I have the BMW Rallye 3 jacket which has a waterproof inner liner, which was of course in London when I rode back from the Nederlands in a storm the whole way… oops.

  4. I don’t know. My wife tried on Klim gear in Vancouver last year but was disappointed that they did not have a women’s cut but when I showed her these pictures she is pretty happy. Does not hurt that she likes pink but I will wait to see the gear in person before I make too steep a judgement.

  5. I suppose it is a good thing Klim is experimenting with colors – and I’ll probably become a Klim customer when they ‘get’ the concept of conspicuity as a ‘be seen’ safety strategy – as have many other manufacturers. As it stands, most of their moto gear is grey or black – the same color as roads. -G

  6. KLIM makes different gear for the rider. Not all uses Gore. Some of the guys gear uses lighter weight Cordura too, with more venting etc like the Dakar paints. I hope to see KLIM make a great Gore Tex, waterproof from the outside like our Traverse in female sizing.

      1. Okay,,,,let’s “KILL THE PINK”!! I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I will boycott “THE PINK”!!! It’s stupid and they won’t get my money so there!!! How’s that? LOL!!

  7. Did anyone else notice (in the pic of the pants leg) that the model is wearing high heels?ok closely at the last pic – shopwign off the

      1. If a company wants it’s gear to be considered, using high heels wearing models is a fail for me. Seeing high heels means I won’t look further to evaluate the gear, since it must not be suitable for serious riding. I don’t wear high heels to ride, so I don’t want to wear gear that goes with high heels. I’ll spend my money with a company that makes real gear for real riders. Since they don’t want my business, hopefully for them there are plenty of high heel wearing riders to buy it.

  8. The most pointless discussion ever. And Moterrific spent 21+ minutes on this topic which was equally pointless.

    First, Klim never called it “Girls Gear”, that was Enduro360, which is not a Klim company, website or representative. Second, Enduro360 was showing ONE sample of the new 2013 Klim Women’s motorcycle line which is still not on their official website (nor of the other new women’s clothing for 2013). Three, the “model” in these photos is an Enduro360 employee and wasn’t pick to be representative of all females. Fourth, if you don’t like pink, don’t buy it. Or better yet, start your own motorcycle clothing company and do them yourselves. Or get female riders to write to all of the major motorcycle clothing companies and tell them what they like (kinda like a survey). Trust me, if they knew 40% of females loved the color XYZ, they’ll use XYZ. But until someone educations them explicitly, they’ll never know.

    I would suggest waiting until the official Klim rollout on their website and not some other website before complaining.

    1. I took the KLIM survey and have spoken to them directly…we will see what they offer grrls. And as far as a waste of time?? Naaa…good banter we call it. Got you commenting didn’t it? 😉 All in the name of a good discussion and opinions.

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