You be the Judge….

Read the entire post please

We have been posting on this blog since really June 2011.  Me, as in Leslie has reviewed  100’s of motorcycle accessories, bikes and gear, etc…and I really try to be fair and honest without losing credibility or defacing a company.  Up until now I have to say it’s been real easy to  keep things positive or critique as constructively as I can. 

However, recently,I was shocked by the response I got from a return I recently made and I will keep the business name anonymous for now because I can’t wait to see how they actually handle my order. Please note:  These lights were ON SALE for the public.  He did not discount them as a special favour to me as he implies in the below email…

Scenario is simple:  I order Rigid Aux LED lights for both our bikes from a USA company as I do in many cases, I see what they really look like on the same bike as ours this past weekend and decided NOPE, not for us…too big for the place we want to mount lights.  Simple right?  Well, even before I refused the package that I spent a lot of $$ to be shipped to Canada I emailed the owner, said thank you for answering all my questions but unfortunately these lights won’t work for us so I was going to not even open the package and just send it back….this is the first email I got back. Continue reading “You be the Judge….”

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