Before shot & After


Clean bike before I trash it with mud on the Dual Sport BC Newbie Ride! 0 degrees C right now to start. More later!

After the ride….bike has some scars…Post as soon I get one together…stay tuned.



  1. marnie says:

    I’m looking forward to the after pic of both you and the bike! The amount of mud accumulated should be a good indicator of the fun you had 😉

  2. RichardM says:

    Ouch! It sounds like you had a lot of fun but the dented rim has gotta hurt. But it still looks like it holds air…

    • advgrrls says:

      Well…the funny thing is that it did not “hurt”….don’t even know when it happened. All the guys I was riding with think a rock did not me bottoming out. This bike kicked ass on this trial. I have been on it 4 times with the F650GS…what a huge difference riding it on the F8….despite the scratches and rim dented it was a blast.

  3. Wonko the Sane says:

    I’ve used and am pleased, but think they’re a bit expensive. Hopefully you’ll be able to find someone in B.C.

  4. That rim… bugger… 😦

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