Sorry if my post offended anyone!

It was politely brought to my attention that my post on March 19th 2013 with the picture of Murphy’s Motorcycle Laws might have offended some folks!  Specifically #3.  I apologize for my lack of sensitivity and over sight.  Although I will keep the post up just know there is nothing malicious behind me for posting […]

You be the Judge….

Read the entire post please We have been posting on this blog since really June 2011.  Me, as in Leslie has reviewed  100’s of motorcycle accessories, bikes and gear, etc…and I really try to be fair and honest without losing credibility or defacing a company.  Up until now I have to say it’s been real […]

20 Gorgeous Animal Photos

SOURCE: EARTHRANDOM Humans have always been mesmerized by the beauty of the animals that share this world with us. Because of that, many great photographers dedicate so much time trying to capture them in their best moments. Here are 20 examples of that: Source: P. Lindel Source: Roland Sax

Saw it up close and personal

The new BMW 1200 is looking really good in person.  I am not a huge fan of the boxer engine just because I think it makes the bike look chunky but BMW has made this bike look narrower and even lighter to the eye.  No GSA version yet but I am certain it will look […]


What bike has caught our attention in a big way?  What is this machine?

13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs

OMG! I suppose, since it’s their instinct, these goats climbing around on cliffs aren’t literally insane. It’s just what they do. But still…crazy.

Self-Igniting Fire Starter

This is an awesome idea especially for those of us who camp and can never find enough dry kindle to get a fire going…sure would help.  Wish I came up with this idea.  😉  Enjoy! Compliments of DIRTTIME I am always on the lookout for a new fire starter, and when I find a new […]

’13 BMW F800GS – Wrong Turn In the Right Way

Went for a ride on March 8th and came across a new dirt road.  First time with the F800 off road and ran into a rough new forest road.  It was good for me to get back off the pavement but because I did not have water, tools and my SPOT, I turned around to […]

RideApart Review: 2013 Suzuki DR-Z400S

SOURCE: HELL FOR LEATHER The Suzuki DR-Z400S is an incredibly capable motorcycle. I’ve had the chance to ride one the past few weeks and I took it on a 300 mile highway journey, a 200 mile offroad adventure, did multiple days off road, rode it around town, and commuted from Long Beach to LA (about […]

21 Roads to Drive Before you Die

SOURCE:  TWISTED SIFTER There’s nothing like a road trip to really experience a country. From coastal highways and dizzying mountain passes, to scenic routes through national parks and bridges over great spans of water; roads are the circulatory system that connects a country. After an extensive search online, the Sifter has compiled a list of […]

Klim Introduces Girl’s Gear – Really GIRL’S GEAR?????

Source:Enduro 360 COME ON KLIM! Dear KLIM! You know we as advgrrls LOVE your gear, but let’s not over do it when it comes to PINK and calling us girls. We took your survey and I bet many did too. It’s grrls or women I mean really??? The pink piping might appeal to some but […]

Cardo G9 ENG SUBS Master HD – Weird

We use Cardo G4 intercom sets…but seriously would this video/commercial make you want to buy the G9?  Please feel free to comment…I really want to hear someone’s thoughts on this…

Made in NC: Gerbing’s Heated Clothing

RESTORING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS KEY Back in November 2012 we sent Cheryl’s right glove and liner to Washington and Gerbing’s for repairs.  There is usually a two week turn around.  Middle of December we get an email saying her gear would not be returned until 2nd week of January 2013.  By this time I was […]

JAPAN Pushes the Blog over 1 Million

Over night Japan loving our post about The World’s Biggest Cave has pushed the blog over 1 MILLION hits.  Japan has been using Twitter to spread the word about this post and is still going strong.  We can’t really take credit as this popular post is not an original of ours but we do THANK […]