The Biggest Dogs in the World – There Be Giants

Image Credit Flickr User Douglas Brown Let’s face it, some people like their pets big! If you are looking for a large dog there are a number of breeds which are generally referred to as giants. Be careful, though – you should only consider these breeds if you have lots of space, lots of time […]

Tool ideas by Gary in AK

It’s always great to hear what other ADV riders are doing with their bikes and farkles. Our guest Blogger is Gary from Alaska, Gary Rides a 650 VStrom and here is his solution to carrying tools and where he bought his tool kit from…thanks Gary! Thought you might like this as a possible blog topic […]

2013 BMW F800GT – First Ride

The name’s almost the same but this middleweight sport-tourer is much better. I have read so many First Ride reviews but yet to read an in depth on of our 2013 BMW F800GS…so weird how our bike has received so little attention… SOURCE:  CYCLE WORLD April 26, 2013 By Paul Dean Photographer :  Jonathan Beck

Competition Accessories Slider 4.0 Kevlar Riding Jean Review

I would hope if you are riding in jeans that your jeans have Kevlar in them at the very least.  These Sliders look the part and would hopefully do the trick if you were to find yourself in a slide….anything is better than just Levi’s.  😉 Stay safe. The company says its Sliders 4.0 Kevlar […]

New Farkles – Some for FUN some we need!

It’s always fun when you get a new bike and get to buy some big-ticket items but sometimes it’s the little less expensive farkles that make your bike your own. Having owned BMW’s before, two ’10 F650GS’s, we have learned from our first time out of the gate what we want, need and who we […]

Picture of the Day

This was taken in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in Cades Cove on Sparks Lane in October 2012. I went to the cove in hopes of a lot of fog, a little disappointed there wasn’t that much. But walking down the lane as the sun came up, the light all photographers dream about showed itself. […]

TNE Phase Three Section Three – North Rd, James Bay, Trans Taiga

Get ready for some long remote roads.  This last chapter in the TNE route consists of three roads that together cover almost 1500 kilometres. This chapter of the TNE starts off in the town of Chibougamau. Chibougamau has a population of 7500 and has most modern amenities available.  It is the largest community in northern […]

More young riders, women, minorities choosing Harley-Davidson: OEM

HD has the best marketing I have ever seen for their customers and they do attract many because of the culture they advertise too. SOURCE: Dealer News Publish Date: Apr 22, 2013

Section Two – Baie Comeau to Chibougmau

TNE Phase Two Section Two – Baie Comeau to Chibougamau This chapter of the True North East route could best be described as remote.  The route begins in the town of Baie Comeau.  This town has a population of approximately 26, 000 and has been around since 1889.  A few years later the first saw […]

TNE Phase One-True North East

 SOURCE:  GRAVEL TRAVEL The Dirt Name: True North East (TNE) Location: New Brunswick & Quebec Distance: Approx 2500 km’s Duration: 7-10 days Rating: Primarily Class 2 roads with Class 1 roads making up 30% of the route.  2 short sections of class 4. Creator: Ted Johnson and Fabrice Tremblay, a special thanks to Steve Vardy […]

Motorcycle Safety Then and Now

Words By Noble McIntyre Photos By Jeff Cobb SOURCE:  Motorcycle Safety News Motorcycles have always evoked an image of freedom, individuality, and as the case may be, rebellion. With that freedom, there is also the possibility of an injury. Motorcycle safety has evolved significantly over the years and the rudimentary helmet and classic leather jacket […]

How Dangerous are Motorcycles, Really?

DO YOU AGREE with these STATS????  SOURCE:  A LAW FIRM 😉 We have compiled the most recent traffic statistics to show you how motorcycles stack up against automobiles in road safety. Even though motorcyclists are involved in fewer accidents each year than car owners, the rates at which motorcyclists are gravely injured in an accident […]

Florence Police Pursuit (Through our Eyes)

AWESOME JOB!  POLICE bikers ROCKS (HIGH SPEED) and he does some great intersection checks and seems to keep his own safety in mind. Important!

How to Load Your Motorcycle

By Jeff Cobb SOURCE:  MOTORCYCLE.COM Motorcycles can be a great way to commute, transport smaller stuff from point A to B, or travel, sightsee and tour. Depending on how much you carry, however, added weight can affect wear and tear on the whole bike, including suspension, tires, drive train, and brakes. It can also affect […]