Virtual Tour of Dawson City–0 KM

I love this post even though it is from 2011…if you are heading up to the Yukon or Alaska make sure you stop by Dawson City Yukon!

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July 7th 201

This morning Cheryl and I met Brad Whitelaw, the owner and operator of the Triple J hotel where we are staying and the Dawson City’s Klondike Spirit Paddle Boat.  I informed Brad about the charity portion of our ride and he instantly took an interest and wanted to help out.  Gave him one of our traveling cards ACT made for us and he graciously took it and started to spread the word in Dawson City what we were doing in town.  Brad also was generous in helping us out with accommodations and a boat tour on the Klondike Spirit.  I am ahead of myself more about that dinner tour later.  If you are ever in Dawson City stop by the Triple J and say hi to Brad.  Nice place to stay, friendly people and just a comfortable place to hang out.

After Blogging in the morning while…

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Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)

Not often do Cheryl and I get away without our bikes but when we do we make the best if it.  Visiting Cheryl in Ottawa while she continues her training for the IDENT section of the RCMP was great to walk about and see all the sights and sounds of these two Canadian cities.

We live in BC, Canada as many who read this blog know but heading to Ottawa and Old Montreal we both felt like we were in a totally different country.  While French is the official second language of Canada, most do not speak it in BC.  Having said that Ottawa and especially Old Montreal French dominates everyday chat.  Made us feel a little insecure as we both do not speak French.

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