Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)

Not often do Cheryl and I get away without our bikes but when we do we make the best if it.  Visiting Cheryl in Ottawa while she continues her training for the IDENT section of the RCMP was great to walk about and see all the sights and sounds of these two Canadian cities.

We live in BC, Canada as many who read this blog know but heading to Ottawa and Old Montreal we both felt like we were in a totally different country.  While French is the official second language of Canada, most do not speak it in BC.  Having said that Ottawa and especially Old Montreal French dominates everyday chat.  Made us feel a little insecure as we both do not speak French.

We both noticed especially in Old Montreal how people dress.  The dress very neat, tidy and stylish.  Both of us took note of this as well it seems every other car is a Mercedes or BMW. 😉  Both cities are full of Canadian history which you don’t see in Vancouver, BC.  The buildings are old and restored.  While walking in Montreal many of the streets are cobblestone, uneven and beautiful.  People were extremely friendly at our hotels and in general.  Doors were open for you, people said ‘Bonjour” and overall just a quaint feel to the east. 

We probably ate too many of these in the above pic but oh so good!

While in Ottawa we stayed at the historic Fairmont which was right next door to the Parliament Buildings.  Centrally located to the Byward Market as well.  Made navigating Ottawa easy and convenient.  The staff there were very professional and the hotel itself, traditionally a Fairmont and huge room which was clean and comfy.

No offense to the East but you don’t do bagels like New York….being from NY I often find it difficult if not impossible to find a bagel or pizza joint that even comes close to what I grew up LIVING in NY.  Montreal bagels are “okay”.  Tiny but I did see them boil them first! 😉  Good try!

Had to have breakfast at Dunn’s.  Decent prices and food was good.

Decent view of our Ottawa Hotel the Fairmont

Enjoy the sights of Ottawa in the next few picture.  I rather look at pictures then read too many words 🙂

Cheryl is really taking a liking to photography since it’s part of her new job now
Cheryl meets an old colleague from Surrey BC who is working the Parliament area as RCMP. Can you say YAWN? 😉
Ottawa has city police with RCMP protecting the government buildings

Sometimes Black & White just makes sense
Over the Alexander Bridge is Quebec
Typical Cheryl
Which one does not belong lol
Inside the Fairmont Chateau

After exploring Ottawa by day we had to go out at  night and get a few pics with the building lit up and see the sunset.  The weather was very nice for this time of year.  While cool out it was partly sunny and hardly any wind.

Old Montreal in tomorrows post, Part II to be continued….

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

6 thoughts on “Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)”

  1. Very nice photo,s I hope you had a good trip, Ive past though some these areas but never stopped long to see especially Old Montreal and Quebec City its hard to be-leave the large french speaking areas (or not wanting to speak English) Canada being a mostly English speaking country, it,s still is a part of Canada,s great rich historic places to visit and one day I hope to revisit.

  2. Fab photos of both the two of you and the scenery whilst you were able to share time in Ottawa, Old Montreal, and Quebec City. Regards and best wishes – Jo

  3. Fabulous pictures. I really like it. The camera quality is really excellent. Montreal is really an amazing place to visit. I am also planing a weekend trip with my family to Montreal. Thanks for the post.

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