Ottawa & Old Montreal (Part II)

We took the train from Ottawa to Montreal which was great the way there.  Unexpectedly I bought economy business class seats which included a full course meal that was actually good.  Plus, alcohol, snacks etc.  All for about $10 more than the regular economy class.  On the way back all those seats were sold out and we were out of luck but heading to Montreal was a treat…literally!

After arriving at the Montreal station we walked about 15 mins through town to get to our very contemporary yet warm and inviting hotel

Really beautiful hotel across the street from

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal…we learned of this hotel from the gentleman who checked us in at the Fairmont in Ottawa.  He said he has always wanted to stay at the D’Armes and highly recommended it. We agree…nice choice and location.

But before we go off wondering around Old Montreal during the day and night…here is what the inside of our hotel looked like…highly recommend the Le Place D’Armes

Part of the downstairs lounge area for all guests
Fancy decor
real Tulips on the foyer
entrance to our very large modern room
Bathroom is warm and inviting and new
Gorgeous eh???? Exposed brick walls with steel beams showing through as well. Love this!
Great sitting area with Flat screen TV
Another view
Our Hotel from the outside

Here we go, your virtual tour of Old Montreal as we saw it…

Anyone reading this know these streets???
Everything old and beautiful
Love these ally ways
I bet down by the river in the summer it’s party time, in the dead of winter skating time
I am sure when the snow was fresh this picture would have looked nicer
Nice area where there are a ton of restaurants and street buskers
the Dome of the Bonsecours Market
Cheryl’s beautiful close up!
Decorative Roof tops all over the place
Nice juxtaposition of old and new
two seagulls taking a nap on the ice
self timer
Entrance to 6 Flaggs amusement park
frozen harbour but showing signs of Spring

If you get down this far in the post pay attention to this next picture what do you see as a reflection???

Do you see anything in the Ball?

Just love the architecture and there are indeed TONS of restaurants that you really need to pay attention to where they are…many are just in parts of these buildings. Every type of cuisine.  We could spend a week just eating here.

yet another beautiful cathedral
Cheryl working on her low light photos
Cheryl doing a great job behind the lens

Not a bad pic of Leslie 😉
busy cobblestone streets

Leslie is looking old and tired

Old & New

We did not LOVE the Poutine and not too sure about the pulled meat in Montreal.  I think they use cloves in the meat and that is not ME or US.

This next picture reminds…we noticed a lot of graffiti all around the city…not like this but the obnoxious type.

Inside the historic Notre Dame

Because it was Easter we did not have to pay the $5 each to get in but they did not have the light show
I think this was carved out of wood
Something so tranquil….I lit a candle for my parents
Chianti our favorite wine
After walking for miles I am tired and probably should have not had this LARGE lager

Started to rain so to wind down our trip and this post we took some night shots under cover

Just to see how many read this post….how many months until we get married?  Answer is 4! 😉

That’s it…OLD Montreal as we saw it and off to bed we went!  What’s next?  Cheryl graduates her Forensics training at the end of April, starts a new career with the RCMP and we finish planning for our wedding.  After that…well…we play it day by day! 😉

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Ottawa & Old Montreal (Part II)”

  1. Love old Montreal. You are right, in the summer it is a happening place. Lots of open air wining and dining. The people of Montreal do have a strong sense of fashion and individuality.

    1. Thanks for the tour ladies. Some day I would love to do Canada. I am more interested in the western end but it sure was nice to view your pics. I have really enjoyed all you share. Peace

  2. Before I read your caption about “looking old and tired,” I thought; you two are having fun! Great photos.

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