Up close the 1200GS

I’ve said this before an I am certain some that read this blog might think the same way…when getting a service or anything done to my bike I could sit at the dealer all day like I did yesterday.  However, I ended up working from the dealer, making T Con calls, emails, you know work stuff but also walked around the showroom, had lunch with a fellow rider who has TONS of mileage on her 1200RT.  I mean like over 200,000 KM on her 2004 bike.

Rusty the service manager is going to LOVE this…if you need anything at PACIFIC MOTORSPORTS

Contact Rusty 😉

Triumph Trophy left controls – way too bulky and out of reach

While wondering around I was once again drawn to the new Triumph Trophy but not because I want one….I am just amazed at how Triumph has slapped on their handle bar controls on this bike.  Take a look at the above picture.  For a bike that is not cheap, do you think for a second that a rider would believe Triumph meant to have these controls on this bike?  I figure they built it and said, “OH Crap” we need controls and SLAPPED them on. 

I mean really??? OEM controls should look integrated not clunky and chunky.  Is it just me being picky or does Triumph need to improve this area?  What rider can reach these?  How big does their hand have to be? 😉

Right looks naked compared the Trophy left controls

The dash is OK looking and has basic infomatics

Wide view of the cockpit of the Triumph Trophy….what do you think?  Nicer than the BMW?  I wish I has xome pics a 1200RT and should have taken some of the BMW 1600 to compare but next time.

I had fun taking close up shots of the new H20 cooled 1200GS.  My dealer has two in stock and I think potential buyers are hesitant to lay the cash down just yet.  Perhaps waiting on more reviews on this “new” boxer engine?  Waiting for the GSA version to come out?  Not sure but they have not sold one yet.  Other bikes are flying out the door though. 

An ADV dash.  Great location for the GPS and I hope one day BMW does add this adjustable shield to the F800 & 700. Seems logical that the entire GS family get some of the same OEM accessories.  Also, again love the two piece seat set up on the 1200.  Something I hope to see on the next version of the F800 & 700 with adjust-ability. 

BMW added this toggle “switch” that is to be used with their Nav system.  Really a Garmin 660 BMW style.  I have been told it only works with the BMW Nav system to scroll through info on the GPS but I am sure someone will come up with a way to use this feature with regular GPS models.

Simple Handle bar controls
Right controls on the 1200GS

Under the rear fender

Price tag for the GS version in Canada is….


2 radiators?  Or one into 2 pieces?

Front view

Lot’s a fun things to look at on this bike

Good idea but as someone pointed out might have to get something to protect this valve. 


My new Excel rim after denting mine on the Dual Sport BC Ride back in March 2013.  Not sure how and when I did this but in the end I now have an upgraded rim that I sure hope I do not bend.  RIMS are NOT cheap for bikes.  But then again what is??? 😉

the DENT

The replacement


That’s it for now.  Sure hope I can stay away from my dealer because of maintenance issues or repairs for a while now.  😉

Enjoy the SPRING for those coming out of the thaw.  Keep the rubber side down and be safe out there!

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

7 thoughts on “Up close the 1200GS”

  1. Thank you for the tour of the new GS. Now I don’t have a reason to wander by the dealer. (That’s a good thing) Maybe the reason they haven’t sold any is the pretty hefty price…

  2. Wow I can’t believe how much BMW Canada is gouging Canadians… you might remember I wrote a while back about the cost of the R1200GS in the UK (which is generally fairly close to German pricing) and they are charging you guys nearly C$4,000 more there, presuming that was a fully optioned model. Hard to justify when you can privately ship that bike over the Atlantic for around C$500 and surely BMW pays a lot less than that in bulk. Any thoughts about why this is? I understand slight market differences for emissions and things like indicator stalks but C$3,500 worth? Shameful…

    That said… love, love, love this bike, I’ve decided it’s definitely my next bike in a few year’s time (sorry to be cynical but after they’ve beta tested it with the public sufficiently)! On the test ride my own Nav IV immediately recognised the R1200’s controls once slotted in, including the special menus with the handlebar iDrive-y control wheel. Really like the lock for the GPS mount also, perfect for when running in to pay for petrol, for example (but wouldn’t leave the GPS attached unattended for much longer than that).

    The rider section of the double seat can be independently adjusted high/low at the front and back (for tilt) and the pillion section for nearer/farther from the front making for 8 possible configurations. I found the high/high setting most comfortable for me. Without a top box, it was a slightly harrowing ride for my pillion who thought it felt too easy to slide off the back (I was not accelerating hard at all).

    To answer your question, the two tiny radiators operate together to cool a common water supply, but only provides 35% of cooling (65% air cooled).

    The side mounted tyre valve is a brilliant idea, don’t think it’s hugely likely it would be sheered off (if something jammed in there you’d have more to worry about than a tyre valve), but it appears to be screwed in so presumably easily replaced… Myself, I would pay the extra £250 for spoked wheels despite them having the annoying valves that are fiddly with service station air pumps…

    Can’t wait to see the adventure version in a year or two!

      1. True, income tax in Canada is a killer… when I worked there I calculated that I worked solely for the government until about August of each year… but I guess you have to pay for it when you enjoy one of the best qualities of life of any country.

      2. Best? Close I suppose but sure would be nice to not have to pay 46% in taxes! Makes me feel all my hard work is indeed for others to enjoy up here.

      3. Our income tax is lower – the first £9,400/$15,000ish is tax free, then 20% up to £35k and 40% from £35,001-150k… anything over that is taxed at 45% But it doesn’t stop there… we have National Insurance on top which is another 10% or so… our VAT is 20% on purchases but included in the price of things in shops etc.

        Agree with your point, same issue here, there is a big problem with people abusing the benefits system, for example baby-makers pushing out babies left and right to claim benefits, ‘professional’ job seekers claiming job seekers’ allowance etc, and even EU migrants exercising their right of movement and relocating to the UK because our benefits are better than their home country… etc etc… what a mess!

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