Florence Police Pursuit (Through our Eyes)

AWESOME JOB!  POLICE bikers ROCKS (HIGH SPEED) and he does some great intersection checks and seems to keep his own safety in mind. Important!

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

7 thoughts on “Florence Police Pursuit (Through our Eyes)”

  1. Yes very impressive. I’m already using it as a teaching point with my students. If an officer can check every intersection before riding through it in a pursuit scenario, there is really no excuse for any other rider not doing so in daily riding.

  2. To bad he didn’t wear biker clothing and has an ancient model jet helmet. For a simple offence no officer would continu persuit through residential areas like this. Not so impressed.

  3. Knowing his background it is all the more reason to make the arrest at home instead of playing cowboy & indian in residential areas. Why are U.S. & Canadian officers so poorly dressed on motorbikes?

  4. Agree with Roelof – US police seem to recklessly endanger the public unduly with high speed pursuits far too frequently… In Canada, the uk and other places, the police seem to know better when to back off and call in the aerial support, resulting in the suspect slowing down when no longer being chased by a vehicle behind.

    In this case, skilled as the constable may be, I found myself shuddering seeing him in a short sleeved cotton poly blended shirt (which would not only wear through in an instant, but the fabric would also melt into the wounds) when he was hitting high speeds and cornering hard just missing the sand/gravel between the two sides of the road. What kind of example are they setting, no wonder you see so many people there riding in shorts and flip flops!

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