Tool ideas by Gary in AK

It’s always great to hear what other ADV riders are doing with their bikes and farkles.

Our guest Blogger is Gary from Alaska, Gary Rides a 650 VStrom and here is his solution to carrying tools and where he bought his tool kit from…thanks Gary!

Thought you might like this as a possible blog topic – motorcycle tools to take on the road.  In this niche topic, I would offer Blue Ridge Racing tools as the best, and this is what we carry.  They are not cheap (in quality or price), and as you browse their kits, you can see they are put together with logic by riders.

In addition to the stage III kit, I have two of these:
mounted on the inside of my left rear SW Motech case frame.   My Blue Ridge Racing Tools are in these tubes as well as tire plugs, valves, etc.

Hope this is useful…


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