Tool ideas by Gary in AK

It’s always great to hear what other ADV riders are doing with their bikes and farkles.

Our guest Blogger is Gary from Alaska, Gary Rides a 650 VStrom and here is his solution to carrying tools and where he bought his tool kit from…thanks Gary!

Thought you might like this as a possible blog topic – motorcycle tools to take on the road.  In this niche topic, I would offer Blue Ridge Racing tools as the best, and this is what we carry.  They are not cheap (in quality or price), and as you browse their kits, you can see they are put together with logic by riders.

In addition to the stage III kit, I have two of these:
mounted on the inside of my left rear SW Motech case frame.   My Blue Ridge Racing Tools are in these tubes as well as tire plugs, valves, etc.

Hope this is useful…


Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

2 thoughts on “Tool ideas by Gary in AK”

  1. These tool tubes are fantastic—I ordered two from Agrisupply a couple months ago, and after an absolutely bizarre telephone conversation (British and South Carolinian accents prove to be completely incompatible!), they very kindly agreed to ship it on the slow boat (standard post) instead of priority air, saving tonnes of cash. Nice to find companies still willing to work with their customers!

    These items are sold out this way by various ‘adventure’ companies at £16 (mark-up!!!!!), so purchasing 2 from Agrisupply at $5/£3 each and paying for the shipping worked out far cheaper—just a tip. Also, as they are designed to carry a tractor’s handbook, the mounts probably won’t survive constant off road abuse when loaded with heavy tools, but if attached using a large hose clip around the whole tube, they would probably survive a landmine.

  2. Right you are George, the Agrisupply tubes are tough – and inexpensive. As a side note, the yellow printing on the outside can be easily removed by spraying Brākleen® on a rag and wiping. Tools are always a personal choice – and I am always on the look out for functional tools to carry on the road. I have found the Blue Ridge Racing tools to cover a lot of the bases – I like how their axel wrenches do double duty as tire spoons. I think the only other items I’ve added is a chain tool and a file.

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