Alternative Conversion for Tubed to Tubeless

Wicked alternative to buying new rims for our bikes to make them capable of having tubeless tires.  A Facebook reader of ours Tom, posted this idea.  Tom had this done to his brand new Triumph Tiger 800 down in his home country of the Phillipeans.  I asked Tom to keep me updated how this holds up.  So, far 150 KM’s no problems.  I am curious if this will hold and if his tires will leak…we shall see….in the mean time…have a look and tell us what you think?  YEAH or NAY??? I have included pics from Tom’s install.

Author: advgrrl

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16 thoughts on “Alternative Conversion for Tubed to Tubeless”

  1. I’ve read about this and it looks tempting… will be interesting to see how it holds up long term – other people’s reports are rather hit-and-miss but since it’s all in the installation (ensuring a perfect, wrinkle free application of the tape) there is no common baseline by which to judge the comments…

  2. Thought of something else if anyone else can comment? Would a modification like this be compliant with insurance? ie if you crashed because the tyre deflated/failed due to an improper seal?

      1. Unless ICBC has become lax in the past decade, when making a claim the accident investigator/claims adjuster will attempt to find any factors which could have contributed to the crash. For example if you crashed due to a blow-out, they would check tyres, rims etc. Any non-standard items, or modifications not declared at the time of insuring the vehicle could potentially invalidate your coverage, particularly if those modifications were not approved by an accredited government body or the vehicle manufacturer… I know it sounds super-anal-retentive but you need to be careful with insurers, they will do everything in their power not to pay out!

  3. I may be wrong…not the first time…but I was always under the impression tubed rims had deeper “sides” to provide a better seal. And a channel to hold the rubber in place. I love the idea as spoked rims are tougher but tubeless tyres are tougher and more puncture resistant.

    Before you jump, I’d research the differences in rim profiles between tubed and tubeless.

      1. If I’m not mistaken I believe the only difference is the inner channel where the tube resides – tubeless rims are much flatter but tube rims have an arc. The beading lip should be the same, tube or not you don’t want a tyre de-beading in the middle of a high speed corner!

  4. Just an update. Pleased to report that I went on a 1,260km ride last weekend (tarmac with a few dirt portions) and my tire pressure’s a-okay!

  5. Hi,
    Looks like you tried this some three years ago – Any chance you could update us on the long term use of this system on your bike. I too have a Tiger 800 (xcx) and would like to do this if the reports are good, so would greatly appreciate an update.
    Thanks for posting
    kind regards
    Dave – Sydney, Australia

    1. Hi Dave never tried it…just posted as a way to make tubed tires into tubeless. I presently have a BMW F800GS but I am thinking of going back to your bike. Triumph has made some great improvements to the 800 and although I love BMW…was thinking getting another 1200…I totaled mine back in Oct ’15…a new XCX might be just the bike for me…starting to think it’s time to sell my ’13 F8.

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