BMW F800GS Adventure

Ahhhh…finally BMW gets with their own Adventure program…still though no adjustable shield like the 1200 and still the plank seat…they are getting there though…24 litre tank?  WOW>  What do you think?


  1. First impression I love it! not all of us want a big beast of a bike with a 1200. Many people have ridden around the world on the old F650 so I can see a market for this.

    • advgrrls says:

      Ok…so I say it here first….BMW on the right track with the 800…what I know we will see is a 900 in or around that cc…shaft drive 24 L tank, split seat ADV bike. Or they will keep the 800 cc…really who needs a 900 and add the above.

  2. FINALLY… I would have got it for the tank capacity alone. And it wears the ‘adventure’ upgrades well. Looks like they’ve bolstered the radiator reinforcements something fierce but curious what else is underneath the wider front fairings? If the next gen includes a fancy blow-proof LED headlamp perhaps this will be my next bike? (I’m so fickle…)

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