2014 BMW F800GS Adventure – First Look

So, our F800GS has been out for a while and really no one has reviewed our bike.  The new ADV version comes around and there are first impressions popping Oh well….At least BMW has released an ADV 800!  But then again..aren’t all our bikes ADV tourers?????  Would you buy this?  The price seems not that bad compared to our 2013 fully loaded F800’s.


BMW F800GS Adventure photo off-road action

Until now, BMW Motorrad has applied the “Adventure” moniker only to its large GS models with Boxer engines. In mid-June, however, that changes with the debut of the all-new 2014 BMW F800GS Adventure, a bike designed to be better in the dirt than a standard F800GS while also being a much-improved touring rig.

So, what makes this new version of the BMW F800GS an Adventure? It starts with the tubular steel trellis frame, which is basically stock F800GS hardware but is fitted with a strengthened rear subframe designed to handle the increased loads of off-road riding and the heavier new fuel tank, which, at 6.3 gallons, is 2.1 gallons larger than a standard F800GS’s. What’s more, the F800GS Adventure has new bodywork designed to keep proportions right, even with the large tank, while a larger windscreen, a more comfortable bench seat (now two-tone) and hand protectors make the bike much more pleasant on long days in the saddle. Other F800GS Adventure-specific parts include wide enduro footpegs (with removable rubber covers), a strengthened (and adjustable) foot brake lever, a pannier rack that also protects the large fuel tank, and a tubular protection bar for the engine.

Regarding the engine, it’s unchanged from the F800GS. It’s the familiar, liquid-cooled, 798cc parallel-Twin that smoothly puts out a claimed 85 horsepower at 7500 rpm and 61 ft.-lb. of peak torque at 5750 rpm. The transmission is also the same, a six-speed that helps BMW’s catalyst-equipped dry-sump powerplant stay in the thick of its powerband.

BMW F800GS Adventure (Racing red) with accessories - studio right-side view

As with all BMWs, ABS is standard, and it can be switched off. Moreover, BMW’s Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) is available as an option. Via a button near the left handgrip, the rider can select “Comfort,” “Normal,” or “Sport” modes, each offering an increasingly stiff damping rate. Spring preload is adjusted manually via a hand wheel.

An optional Enduro package includes Automatic Stability Control (ASC). Most significant to dirt-road explorers, the Enduro package has an “Off-Road” mode similar to that found on the new liquid-cooled R1200GS, which softens throttle response and optimizes ABS and traction control for loose surfaces. By minimizing, but not eliminating, ABS and TC intervention, some slip is allowed on loose surfaces, aiding both acceleration and braking. Of note, the “Off-Road” mode is available only with the Enduro package, whereas ASC is also available on its own.

BMW says the new 2014 F800GS Adventure, with its larger tank, has a range 100 miles greater than the standard F800GS’s. Moreover, BMW claims the new Adventure gets 55 mpg at a constant 55 mph, which is good but 7 mpg less than the standard F800GS. The new Adventure also has a slightly higher seat (35.0 in. vs. 34.6), and BMW says the bike’s fully fueled weight of 505 lb. is 33 lb. heavier than the standard F800GS’s. Also worth noting: The standard F800GS is available with a low suspension option, whereas the new F800GS Adventure is not.

BMW F800GS Adventure on-road action

Available in two colors (Sandrover Matte or Racing Red), BMW’s new 2014 F800GS Adventure starts at a base price of $13,550. Most bikes at BMW dealers, however, will be available as models with packages that combine options. The Premium model, which starts at $14,350, is fitted with both the Enduro package (“Off-Road” mode and ASC) and the Comfort package (heated grips, on-board computer, center stand). Topping it all off is what BMW calls the “Fully Loaded” model, an F800GS Adventure with the works. This bike has all that the Premium Package offers, plus an Active Package that includes LED foglights, and, most significant to us, ESA. All for $14,350.

Seems like a reasonable price for a well-equipped, new middleweight ADV bike that’s worthy of the Adventure name and can be ordered with a host of accessories including an aluminum top case and saddlebags. As such, the new F800GS Adventure—fitted with triple-disc brakes and a 21-in. front wheel and a 17-in. rear—looks like a great bike for exploring, a legitimate option for those who may be waiting for the new R1200GS Adventure to arrive next year, or for those who might simply think the big-bore GS Adventure is a bit too much bike for them.

That stated, wouldn’t it have been great if BMW had chosen instead to make an R800GS and an R800GS Adventure, bikes powered by a venerable, character-rich, boxer motor? Hey, nobody said we couldn’t dream…

BMW F800GS Adventure - off-road action #1
BMW F800GS Adventure - off-road action #2
BMW F800GS Adventure - off-road action #3
BMW F800GS Adventure - off-road action #4
BMW F800GS Adventure - on-road action #1
BMW F800GS Adventure - on-road action #2
BMW F800GS Adventure - on-road action #3
BMW F800GS Adventure (Racing red) - studio left-side view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Racing red) with accessories - studio right-side view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio left-side view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio right-side view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio 3/4 view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) with accessories - studio left-side view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio front section view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio rear section view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - studio cockpit view
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - headlights/windshield
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - mirror/grip
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - Enduro aluminium engine guard
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - seat
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - aluminium luggage system
BMW F800GS Adventure (Racing red) - outdoor still
BMW F800GS Adventure (Sandrover matt) - outdoor still
BMW F800GS Adventure - group shot

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4 thoughts on “2014 BMW F800GS Adventure – First Look”

  1. The premium seems to be approximately +£1,000 for the adventure ‘package’ so really quite a good deal for the stronger rear frame, 150% fuel capacity, what appears to be slightly uprated suspension components, and different programming (+enduro mode)… LOVE the new windscreen/top mounted GPS. Seems to be a mistake in the article with the premium package and ‘fully loaded’ both the same price though…

    As mentioned in the article, it would definitely be something if they came out with a ~800cc boxer, they haven’t used that cc in years in the boxer line! But this would be out of character with the slim body of the FxxxGS models, so not holding my breath. More likely to see the 900cc Husky Nuda engine in future than a baby boxer…

      1. When BMW briefly owned Husqvarna they reworked the F800 engine for the Nuda 900 with +100cc capacity to 898cc, +15hp and +17Nm torque… it would seem unlikely they would go to all that work just for a single niche bike – I’m not one to speculate but it’s safe to assume this engine will make it to the F-series sooner or later! But with the timing back to 360° like the current 800—the Nuda has 270° timing I believe (so no ‘boxer’ sound).

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