Officer In Charge (OIC) Awards & RCMP Open House

Awards were given out the other night for outstanding service and Cheryl got one for her video “It Gets Better”.  6 months ago this video was released and has made an impact around the world.

Many officers were commended for their bravery and contributions they all have made to the community.  Impressive and I got to hear many great stories that never seem to make the news.  Living with Cheryl we both get frustrated with how the media portrays cops and how often the public hear about the bad and ugly.  Well…the OIC awards was all about the good and was awesome to be a part of it.

On May 11th, 2013 The RCMP held an open house for the public.  Tons of families showed up to see all the cool aspects of policing the RCMP do.  Kids got to climb in  police cruisers, the URT mobiles, Air 1 made an appearance, K-9’s were there, IDENT (Cheryl’s new gig), the water diving team and of course the motorcycle traffic guys and gals.  The rain held off and it seemed to be a great day for many who might want to go into policing or just have been always curious like me to see inside some of their vehicles and see the gear.

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