Longing for the Open Road – Memories of our 2010 BMW F650GS Bikes

Since we seem to not be able to get away on a decent rode trip this year I am entertaining myself with pics from our 2010 Cross Country Trip…and other trips.  In 2010 we both got our first Beemers and we picked mine up in March 2010, Cheryl’s in Dec 2009.  By June 2010 we were off for 26 days to ride across Canada and the USA.  No planning just learned by ourselves what to pack and how to navigate ourselves. 

I hope we are tempting all you street riders to come to the ADV side of dual sporting….enjoy….

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We need a TRIP!

This is what we did in 2010 and hope to do more like this on our BMW F800’s….our BMW F650’s treated us well…

Here are some of our pics of the 2010 F650GS Beemers….
Also, here are 2 maps of the States and Provinces we have been to….we have so much riding to do in north America!

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Driven – The Arctic Circle

Every once in awhile I come across a video that just resonates with me…I mean everyone should watch this especially if you are an adventurer.  This guy Ed from New Mexico rode 10,000 miles in 26 days and how he sees Canada and Alaska is spot on.  I LOVE, absolutely LOVE his attitude, sense of humor….I mean everything about his heart and soul.  I really hope everyone who takes a look at this post takes the time to sit back and watch….it is soooooo worth it trust me.

I think this is my most favorite ADV video I have seen so far….and I loved seeing where we went through his eyes….BRAVO!

Officer In Charge (OIC) Awards & RCMP Open House

Awards were given out the other night for outstanding service and Cheryl got one for her video “It Gets Better”.  6 months ago this video was released and has made an impact around the world.

Many officers were commended for their bravery and contributions they all have made to the community.  Impressive and I got to hear many great stories that never seem to make the news.  Living with Cheryl we both get frustrated with how the media portrays cops and how often the public hear about the bad and ugly.  Well…the OIC awards was all about the good and was awesome to be a part of it. Continue reading “Officer In Charge (OIC) Awards & RCMP Open House”

2014 BMW F800GS Adventure – First Look

So, our F800GS has been out for a while and really no one has reviewed our bike.  The new ADV version comes around and there are first impressions popping Oh well….At least BMW has released an ADV 800!  But then again..aren’t all our bikes ADV tourers?????  Would you buy this?  The price seems not that bad compared to our 2013 fully loaded F800’s.


BMW F800GS Adventure photo off-road action

Until now, BMW Motorrad has applied the “Adventure” moniker only to its large GS models with Boxer engines. In mid-June, however, that changes with the debut of the all-new 2014 BMW F800GS Adventure, a bike designed to be better in the dirt than a standard F800GS while also being a much-improved touring rig. Continue reading “2014 BMW F800GS Adventure – First Look”

Alive Without Breath: Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye

Alive Without Breath: Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye  sculpture resin paint fish animals

SOURCE: Colossal Art & Visualization

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Random “COOL” Stuff Post

SOURCE:  uncrate

SanDisk Cruzer Orbit

SanDisk Cruzer Orbit

Flash drives can be amazingly handy, but their small size can also make them a huge pain in the ass to find. Keep yours handy by making it a SanDisk Cruzer Orbit ($30-$50). This intelligent drive sports a circular design that makes it a snap to attach to key rings, carabiners, lanyards, and binders, and doubles as a protective mechanism for the USB connector. Available in 8, 16, and 32 GB capacities.

More    Tech    Computer Peripherals$30-$50    Buy    Share    SAVE


Went down to our dealer on Sunday, May 5th to check out the BMW Demo day.  I was not able to reserve a spot to test ride anything because of work and when I arrived all the bikes were signed out.  Signed out for every ride no less. 

Pacific Motosports 

Hosted the ride and all riders got to go out for at least an hour on the bikes.  There were demo’s of almost every bike they make except the new 800 Adventure was not there. I really wanted to ride the F800GT and the new 1200 but I just watched and then enjoyed a great solo ride in the exceptional heat.  It was over 30 C or 90 F yesterday.  Cheryl was at work and I just rode around to decompress from my work.   May have to purchase a smaller tent for myself soon.  Cheryl’s new job is not as flexible with days off and I have a feeling I will be doing some rallies unfortunately alone.

We might have to wait a bit until Cheryl settles in and gets through her apprenticeship before we start making any real bike plans.  As for me?  I need to embrace solo riding which might be good…I hope we both can attend the BMW MOA rally in Salem, Oregon together but I don’t think Cheryl will be able to get to the Touratech event in June or some local rides our dealer has set up like this one.. Continue reading “BMW DEMO DAY”

Gerbings Recall

JUST FYI! If you have this model jacket I would recommend getting it fixed or replaced while you are not needing to use your liner. 😉

WARNING: Gerbing’s Plug CompatibilityGerbing uses coaxial plugs that meet our exact quality specifications. Other manufacturers have not shared their coaxial plug specifications, nor supported testing, so that we can assess whether they match our plug quality and are compatible with our plugs. Therefore, Gerbing cannot recommend that you connect anything other than a Gerbing plug to a Gerbing plug regardless of how similar the plugs may look, may feel, or may appear to fit or work together.

10 Tips for Camping with Your Photography Gear

SOURCE: Improve Photography

A beautiful female photographer holds a tripod and a DSLR while hiking and camping.

Being in the outdoors with photography gear can be tricky.

It is summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many of us, that means enjoying photography while camping, hiking, or just being in the great outdoors.  Along with being outdoors with your camera and lenses come several problems: heat, dust, weight, etc.  Since I moved to Idaho, I have been spending a lot of time camping with my photography gear, so most of these tips are from personal experience.  Here you go!

Outdoor Photography Tip #1:  Bring no more than two lenses.  When I am going to be shooting in an easily accessible location in the city, I usually bring a couple bags of gear full of lenses and other stuff, but when I go outdoors I decide on two lenses and do not allow myself to bring any more.  Typically, I bring a 10-24mm lens for landscapes and a 70-200mm lens for close range wildlife photography and some landscapes. Continue reading “10 Tips for Camping with Your Photography Gear”


Add a two piece adjustable height seat, adjustable shield and shaft would be almost perfection!  LOVE IT! SHOULD have called it the F800GSA!!!!!!

Seat is higher than the F8GS non ADV…remember no lowering this bike.  So, in the end unless BMW introduces an adjustable seat including the height this version will not be for the vertically challenged at all!  Although Cheryl all ready picked the red and I love the yellow!  😉

SOURCE: OneWheelDrive

Oh, BMW faithful, you have been waiting for this for such a very long time… the F800GS Adventure. Behold the gallery, the scroll down and ponder the specs. Continue reading “SPOT ON!”

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