Campbell Highway Day – 368.6 KM Watson Lake, YT to Ross River, YT

Since in 2011 around this time of year we were in Alaska and the Yukon I am reblogging a few of my favorite posts from back then

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July 5th 2011

Got a late start today because we have been a little cold at night with the temperatures almost reaching freezing.  Although we have a lot of clothing to try to bulk up and stay warm, we are still finding it hard to actually be warm.  In any case, we finally got ready to leave around 11 after eating at camp and repacking everything.

Bad picture, we are very tired here but who cares, still a picture of the 2 of us!  Smile

Alaska July 5 11 Watson to Ross (55)

Cheryl trying to stay warm in the freezing morning air.

Alaska July 5 11 Watson to Ross (56)

Alaska July 5 11 Watson to Ross (57)

Our organized chaos in the morning. Somehow everything does end up back where it should.

Alaska July 5 11 Watson to Ross (58)

Before we took off for the Campbell highway that takes us from Watson Lake to Ross River via this “dirt’” road, we needed to pack…

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Macna Dry Cooling Vest | Review

So far I am hearing this works well with a mesh jacket…any real world experience with jackets like the KLIM Traverse out there?  In hot weather ATGATT is how we ride and this is one way to keep the core cool.  No different from wearing heated gear in the winter.

Indonesia Population: 251,160,124

The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; Japan occupied the islands from 1942 to 1945. Indonesia declared its independence shortly before Japan’s surrender, but it required four years of sometimes brutal fighting, intermittent negotiations, and UN mediation before the Netherlands agreed to transfer sovereignty in 1949. A period of sometimes unruly parliamentary democracy ended in 1957 when President SOEKARNO declared martial law and instituted “Guided Democracy.” After an abortive coup in 1965 by alleged Communist sympathizers, SOEKARNO was removed from power. From 1966 until 1988, President SUHARTO ruled Indonesia with his “New Order” Government. After rioting toppled Suharto in 1998, free and fair legislative elections took place in 1999. Indonesia is now the world’s third most populous democracy, the world’s largest archipelagic state, and the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. Continue reading “Indonesia Population: 251,160,124”

Guest Posts

Just a quick post. I have been receiving a few emails about folks out there wanting me to post guest posts on our blog.

Presently, we are not accepting guest posts due to just being too busy with wedding plans and life.

Please hold requests until September and I will respond and review requests then. Thanks for your patience.

Pre Wedding Shower

Had a great time with a bunch of colleagues that we also call friends at our home for our pre wedding shower.  Traditionally the wedding couple do not host the shower but I insisted we have it here and all our friends brought the food and goodies to us.  Beautiful day on our deck we built and finished, so all was good.  Wedding date August 14th 2013….right around the corner.

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Extreme Road Rash: Cause, Effect, and Lesson Learned

Powerful story about lessons learned….


One Year Has Passed

It’s hard to look in the mirror and think that my scars are already an entire year old. Touching my stomach and rib cage, I can’t imagine looking this way and feeling this pain for the rest of my life. I still feel as if at any moment I will wake up from this terrible dream and be comfortable in my own skin once again. Knowing that it’s real, that there is nothing I can do to change it, I am reminded of my mistakes every minute of everyday. I am also reminded how lucky I am to be alive as I close my eyes and remember why I still feel pain after an entire year of healing. Imagining that if I had not survived the accident, I wouldn’t have anything to touch at all, I smile when my fingers run over a thick layer of scar tissue in place of my once soft skin. I know my life has a purpose, and I strive everyday to live up to the task that has been placed at my feet.

The Accident

It was a beautiful Sunday morning even through my blurred vision. I was on the back of my friend Shaun’s GSXR 750 and was excited to be on a sport bike, even if it was as a passenger, after a long streak of no riding whatsoever. I had shed my prescription glasses for a pair of sunglasses, my cowboy hat for an oversized helmet, and quickly thrown on a pair of capri jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweatshirt over my bikini. I thought nothing of the fact that I had practically no protection against the asphalt if anything were to happen. I figured that we couldn’t get into a wreck; it simply wouldn’t happen to me. It’s amazing how fast life came at me that day.

Approaching mile marker seven on highway 550, I noticed that I had to start fighting the wind to stay behind Shaun without pulling on him too much. I placed my hands on the gas tank and pushed myself into him as much as possible without crowding him. As we came around to the right and went down the hill, we kept accelerating. I was scared, but thought I could handle the force of the wind as it suddenly picked up much more than in the moments before. I started to slide back on the seat and felt the cool air fill the small space between my chest and Shaun’s back. Continue reading “Extreme Road Rash: Cause, Effect, and Lesson Learned”

10 Types of Motorcycle Riders

Most motorcyclists will wave at other motorcyclists they see while riding. We all like to see someone else on two wheels and assume they’re having as good a time as we are. Still, just like with cars, you know that everyone on two wheels is enjoying things in their own special way. We’re here to sort those special ways out. Here’s a handy field guide to The 10 Types of Motorcycle Riders. Which one are you? Continue reading “10 Types of Motorcycle Riders”

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