At this time in 2011 we were on the road with Triumph. Although on this trip we loved these bikes we are owners of 2013 BMW F800GS bikes now for many reason. In the end our opinion stays the same about the T8XC and thought reblogging this would maybe help those who were thinking about buying this bike.

Advgrrl Motorcycle Adventures & More

August 14th 2011

By Cheryl & Leslie

After riding the Tigers that were loaned to us by Triumph Canada for 13673 KM or 8496 Miles we both feel confident that we have an informed opinion. We spent 44 days on the some of the harshest roads we have ever ridden on in BC, the Yukon and Alaska.

This bike was truly put through an average ADV rider’s trip. No magazines, no professional photographers, no back up team, we are not professional riders or reviewers. We are normal hard working grrls who commute to work every day and try to get in one decent trip per year. We ride on the street a lot but also head into the back woods on forestry roads and some that would be considered ATV like.

Like we said in our first review we do not beat on our bikes. They are an investment…

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