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18 Photos That Prove Spelling Is Really, Really Hard

The Huffington Post  |  By

1. There’s nothing worse than misspelling your own country’s name.

spelling hard

2. Except for this.

spelling hard

3. Or this.

spelling hard

4. Or maybe this?

5. Suuuuuure they do.

spelling hard

6. To be fair, we hate boots too.

spelling hard

7. Because it does a body good?

spelling hard

8. Whatever you say.

spelling hard

9. Not the best way to promote the local housing market.

10. SPOILER: Sex-ed classes don’t make the list.

I Don't Think Spelling Made The List...

11. “Eh, they’ll probably figure it out.”

spelling hard

12. Honestly can’t argue with the message here.

the creative possibilities of grammar, spelling, and syntax

13. This message, however…

spelling hard

14. Guys, just pick one spelling and stick with it.

I kid you not, the other side has a fourth spelling.

15. Folks, I think we’ve found a winner.

spelling hard

16. Hold it.

spelling hard

17. Hoooooooold it.

spelling hard

18. There we go.

spelling hard

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