2014 Motus MST and MSTR Revealed


Not too sure what to make of this bike.  I like the MSTR MUCH MUCH better than the MST…I know that much….

The covers have finally come off the long-anticipated made-in-Alabama Motus MST and MSTR V4-powered sport-touring motorcycles.

Revealed at Laguna Seca two years after the prototype models were first presented at the Monterey, Calif., circuit, the 2014 Motus MST and MSTR are now ready for sale, with a network of 16 dealerships, and counting, across the country.

“While we are a small, growing company, our products offer a unique and compelling experience for riders and dealers,” says Lee Conn, co-founder and company president. “For riders, the Motus is a premium high performance sportbike with an incredible amount of character and value. For dealers, Motus makes a great addition to other premium lines as it does not compete with mass produced motorcycles and brings in new customers looking for something that did not exist until now.”


Powering the MST and MSTR is Motus’ MV4 Baby Block engine, a 1650cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected V4 engine. According to Motus, the MV4 engine produces 160 bhp at 7400 rpm and 120 ft-lb. at 5800 rpm in the MST. If that wasn’t enough, the MSTR claims even more power at 180 bhp at 7800 rpm. The engine redlines at 7800 rpm in the MST while the MSTR can rev a bit higher to 8200 rpm.

Both the MST and MSTR come standard with adjustable Öhlins NIX upside-down forks, removable side cases, a TFT color LCD instrument panel, a center stand, an adjustable windscreen and adjustable handlebars. The MST is equipped with a progressive rear monoshock with remote preload adjuster, while the MSTR has a higher-quality Ohlins TTX rear shock.

The MSTR also gets radial-mount Brembo M4 monobloc calipers with BST carbon fiber wheels. The MST uses radial-mount Brembo calipers, but they are not the monobloc variety, while the wheels are are lightweight but less exotic forged aluminum OZ rims.


For charging accessories, the MST has a single powerlet port while the MSTR offers three ports. The two additional ports are available for the MST as an optional accessory.

Other accessories offered for both models include a heated seat, heated grips, mid and full tour windscreens, a lower seat by Sargent and a 30l top case with rear deck.

“As street riders, we wanted the Motus to offer an unparalleled experience from 20-90 mph, where we do almost all our riding. With a quick sprocket change, the MSTs are geared for 204 mph top speed, but the focus has been on making massive torque in a usable street range, from 2500 rpm to 7500 rpm,” says Brian Case, co-founder and director of design for Motus. “We also built in a sensible riding position, adjustable windscreen and controls, and other accommodations for longer rides.”

The 2014 Motus MST is available in Speed Silver Metallic, Flame Red Metallic and a special edition Metallic Blue for $30,975. The MSTR will be offered in Strong White or Carbon Black, though no pricing has been announced yet. Both models are offered with two-year warranties.


Author: advgrrl

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One thought on “2014 Motus MST and MSTR Revealed”

  1. To me this looks like it has strong BMW and KTM influences on the front half and the design heaviness of a 500cc Kawasaki learner bike at the rear (without panniers) or very Honda-esque feel (with panniers). This must be a HEAVY bike with that powerful but relatively lazy/low revving 1,600cc engine!

    Haven’t read any reviews so it would be interesting know if the Americans have managed a bike that can go round a corner, although the other day I saw a chap in shorts/t-shirt filtering his enormous Victory Vision through some scary-narrow gaps and seemed to be doing all right…

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