Wedding Check List

It won’t be long until Cheryl and I take the next step after living Common Law for 16 years into the world of Legal MARRIAGE.  After all the fuss being made over in Russia about the anti gay movement I thought it would be a perfect post in honor of our right to be with whomever we want in Canada. 

Today was Vancouver annual Pride Parade and Cheryl and her colleagues represented the RCMP

and marched along with all those colorful human beings expressing their right to Love anyone they want.  Isn’t that what it’s all about????

Pride Parade

We are only 10 days away from making our promises to one another in front of our family and friends who do not judge nor care that we are two women.  Cheryl and I agreed that only guests who truly support our right, our partnership with no judgements would be invited.  Sometimes that leaves out some that are close to us, but as we don’t want to be judge, if someone has an issue with gay marriage so be it.  Not our problem.

We will be riding our bikes up to our venue on the Sunshine Coast of BC. 

Cheryl’s Bike
Leslie’s Bike

We picked the Westcoast Wilderness Lodge because when we went there for the first time…we both felt it.  An affinity of sorts.  The lodge is situated high up on a cliff overlooking some of the most scenic westcoast water ways and mountains we have ever seen from one beautiful place.

The view from the Lodge

August 14th 2013 is the day and we will celebrate with family and friends.  Cheryl has family coming up from Idaho and Leslie has family traveling in from New York and North Carolina. Near and far guests will get to have a toast or two on us.

After all these years together we both see this as a big party to celebrate everyone not just us. 😉

We have done a lot since preparing for this wedding….and one HUGE project off our list is our backyard deck.  We have been wanting to build this thing for years but kept on buying motorcycles.  Well, we still bought new bikes last Fall 2012 but just had to make over our yard too.  This was the year we got motivated.  Leslie tends to be the designer and finisher, Cheryl has the mind and ability to build what I think of….well, we both design! 😉

The Before started in April and to about 5 days to get the basic structure done.  560 sq ft of bringing the indoors out.


  Still more finishing touches to be done but I hope you get the idea…lot’s of TLC went into this deck and I truly believe both of us have a rejuvenated feeling about our home.


So many changes at the last-minute as we know life gets in the way sometimes when it comes to planning for a destination wedding.  Rooms have been switched, guests have been added and deleted, food added, BBQ added, Leslie got an outfit in about 3 hours of shopping with her colleague.  Many “grrls” can’t believe Leslie was done shopping in hours rather than weeks. 😉

Shower DONE and check….

Friends are helping out with decorations, we are not going over the top…just earthy and simple, favors almost done, simple flowers ordered, Commissioner hired, photographer hired, DJ hired, registered with Flight Centre because many said we had to do something lol.  We own one house but it’s like having two houses in one..we have everything we need so travel it was. 

Starting Friday our home will be invaded by my sisters/family and my parents.  My brother and his wife are flying up to the lodge via float plane after they get to Seattle.  it will be rocking here for a few days until we head up to the lodge on the 13th.

So, blog might be quiet and no new posts for a bit and when all is said and done we shall post about our wedding.  Oh, one cool thing about today’s modern wedding….all our guests will download an app to their phones and be able to upload pics as they take them to our online Time Capsule.  How cool is that….until next time…KEEP THE PRIDE!

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    1. Holy cow I remember all of you. Isn’t that when I dumped my bike after not watching where I parked? Thanks for the comment and stopping by the blog! Hope all is well and yeah after 16 years we figured why not? Made my catholic parents happy! Lmao

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