one more time to answer the peanut gallery…We have over 7000km’s on our BMW F8’s and so far, mileage getting better, comfort great even with stock low seat, great off road, nice to look at and we still have farkles to install. Happy with our choice and dealer,,,Pacific Motosports in Richmond, BC, ADV friendly and knowledgeable.

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Quick post because since we are so public with our motorcycle lives, trips and oh just about everything…I feel the need to make one post about WHY we bought BMW’s versus Triumph’s.  This will be my only post as I really do not feel the need to overly justify how we spend our money.  But since receiving quite a few emails, messages etc saying our credibility is in question about how I express my opinions and reviews I feel the need.

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What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014

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August 21, 2013 | no comments

alpinestars new land goretex jacket womens motorcycle waterproofalpinestars_new_land_pants_hiviz

Alpinestars just announced it’s 2014 collection, which includes quite a few options for women. I just love it when companies release new products for us. Here are my favorite pieces in the collection. Let’s start with a couple lightweights and then I’ll tell you more about the gorgeous touring outfit above. Everything is slated for September release. For now, you can preorder but most you won’t see delivery until sometime in September. Continue reading “What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014”

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