Mini Moon Part II plus Trailer

Just playing around with iMovie…fun little trailer

Monday, August 26th we left Pemberton for the Tyax Lodge a little after 1000.  I noticed that my top box mount was loose and when I looked the bolts were not even into the main frame.  I think we must have forgotten to tighten them when we installed the Jesse Luggage back in the Fall. I can not believe I did not lose my mount no less my top box.

After a little parking lot technical fix we were on our way. The GPS initially said it would take us until 1600 hrs to get to the lodge.  We both think the GPS thought we were a car. Soon enough it smarten up and realized we were on two wheels and quickly went from 1600 arrival time to 1245. 😉

Lillooet Forest Road

We got off the pavement and headed up the Lillooet River Forest Road.  We both thought “oh no”…the beginning was deep gravel and the grader was out.  Lot’s of fluffed up road mulch and gravel, boulders, rocks…you know all that stuff that makes a DS rider cringed?  Well, after we climbed the mountain and got up top the road was hard packed, gravel and many pot holes but not so scary at all..even got better when we hit the Hurley. 

Taking a break here to eat a protein bar, of course we left not eating breakfast…I mean it was only 80 plus KM’s we needed to ride.  In the end it was a great ride, Cheryl is nuts on hard packed dirt roads now…she cruised at speeds up to 80 KM/HR.  Safely I might add but still she was cruising which got us to the lodge before we knew it.

These roads are a great way to get to Tyax.  No cars, no RV’s, no people really.  Do we need to say more why we ride dual sport bikes?  The views are awesome and ones you would not get any other way. 

We highly recommend riding here even if you are just starting out. Take your time and remember momentum is your friend.  I should know..Cheryl had a ton of momentum for this leg of our trip.

We will be heading back home via the Highline Road back to Pemberton and then the 99 home.  We will end up doing a BIG loop of back country roads we have never been on….love to explore but makes us want to stay on the road longer.  Our stay at the lodge was first class.  We enjoyed not roughing it for our mini moon.  Horseback riding, massage (Riley the RMT is awesome), canoeing, hiking, geocaching and taking pictures.  Nice way to end a month of celebrations, family/friends and our wedding!  BTW, the staff work really hard at Tyax!

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