Initially we had a deal with a company to make an install video and review the PDM60.  But because I could not make good on my promise the deal sort of fell though.  Went another route, bought two that we did not have to review and mine, Leslie will be installed by the dealer.  Cheryl has little time to play with installations on our bikes but will hopefully be able to install the PDM60 on her bike after mine is done.  Good thing about two exact bikes being in our garage…you can see or practice on one and then make good on the other. 😉


I think this little addition to our bikes will clean up all the cables/wires from our GPS’s, heat temperature controllers and aux lights.  It can get crowded under the BMW faux tank and we thought it was about time to get organized under there.  On the market there are quite a few Fuse Blocks.  What attracted me to this one in particular was the lack of fuses all together.  May not be worth the coin but we figured what the hell…why not try it.

If we do get a chance to document an install we will.  But like I said when speaking with companies who as part of deal want a review I can’t promise I would never accept a deal on the price.  Not fair to that company.  More later on this little neat device.

Author: advgrrl

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