Gone with the Wynn’s

Love this website, Love this couple and if they added towing dual sport bikes this would be our dream life…check them out…high quality videos documenting their travels and life.  Truly inspirational. 

Gone with the Wynn’s

World Exclusive: 2015 Energica Ego Review — Italy’s Electric Superbike

Electric getting closer in development that masses would buy?  Range appears to be getting better, style options too…curious to see where this technology really ends up in the motorcycle world…we will keep watching and reading.

Also see Motorcycle.com reviews..more pics.  CLICK HERE

September 20, 2013

Source:  RideApart




Following the release of the Mission RS, it is now possible for electric superbikes to outperform their gas-powered predecessors. Electric speed is no longer the sole preserve of American motorcycles. The 2015 Energica Ego is made in Italy and nearly as fast as the Mission. Earlier this week, we got the world exclusive first ride on this new electric superbike. Continue reading “World Exclusive: 2015 Energica Ego Review — Italy’s Electric Superbike”

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