30 Hour Getaway, 900 KM’s = Priceless

Day 1, Part I (all pics are clickable) As many who read this blog know first hand our everyday lives can get in the way of our hobbies.  Since January 2012 until present day, Cheryl and I have both changed our careers.  Leslie joining BC Transplant as an In Hospital Organ Donation Coordinator/Organ Donation Specialist […]

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS | FIRST RIDE

There is something about the name “Ninja” that makes me want to ask Kawasaki to change it.  Personally I really do not like it and not sure why.  Again a nice addition for consumers adding more choice for less money.  Source: Motorcyclist Motorcyclist, October 01, 2013 By Marc Cook, Photography by Kawasaki Stand back a […]