Touring Tip: Know Your Riding Risk Factors

I think everyone should save this article as a reminder how important it is for all of us to take stock in our bike, our minds and everything that is said below regarding being safe.  Never take for granted riding anywhere even if it’s around the corner to a store.  Don’t be paranoid but be aware….and be safe out there.
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Touring Tip: Know Your Riding Risk Factors

There are some similarities between the causes of plane crashes and the reasons for motorcycle accidents: it’s often a combination of factors, or risks, that cause incidents in both cases. And in both, the fundamental cause can usually be traced back to “human error.” Just as in doing a preflight check before flying your own airplane, a motorcyclist should take stock of his or her risk factors before their ride. Unlike the airline industry, which has many rules, regulations, and certifications in place to help prevent accidents, the motorcycle rider is pretty much on their own.

The Venn diagram below shows one way of thinking about four fundamental categories of rider risk and how they can overlap to create even higher levels of accident risk to riders.Touring Tip: Know Your Riding Risk Factors

The Four Rs For Evaluating Motorcycle Riding Risk Continue reading “Touring Tip: Know Your Riding Risk Factors”

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