Port Hardy, BC / Eagle Nova Films’ “Outdoor Treasures” Series

Christian Sasse is a local photographer near Vancouver who happens to be someone I met while he was filming and taking pictures of Bald Eagles last year.  I love wild life of all sorts but the majestic Bald Eagle, especially this time of year while the salmon spawn are in an abundance.  Christian, also known as just Sasse is a very talented relatively new photographer in this field and the video below is show casing Port Hardy on Vancouver Island’s north.  We both have not been up there yet but will do one day.  Enjoy a slice of heaven and watch the video

Published on 18 Oct 2013

See a Bald Eagle wonderland as photographer Christian Sasse takes us on a memorable adventure to Port Hardy, British Columbia. (more…)

Sasse’s powerful camera set-up allows him to shoot close-up while standing 1,000 feet away (thereby not disturbing the Bald Eagles). The result is this video, showcasing Bald Eagles in a way not commonly found; allowing viewers to observe a variety of Bald Eagle behaviors.

This video is the first in a new series called, “Eagle Nova’s Outdoor Treasures.” It is produced by Eagle Nova Films.

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  1. Kevin Brent says:

    Had to watch that one twice. Very nice!

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