Our Interrupted Fairy Tale


Not often do I get the chance to post about a special topic and special friend.  Not often will you read a post about a book that is about to be released that has been written by someone I know. 


Meet my friend/colleague Megan Williams. 


Megan is young aspiring writer who is about to release her first book and I am proud to be able to show off her talents and help promote this true story because it’s real and was written from her soul.


You might want to familiarize your self with her name and the title of her soon to be released book “Our Interrupted Fairy Tale”.


Megan Williams is a Vancouver based author. Every day she lives her life: laughing often, loving deeply and traveling whenever she can.

The Book:  Promising tennis players Chad Warren and Megan Williams met on the court when he was 26 and she was 16. Just a few days later, Chad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the blood.

While it would be more than three years and a bone marrow transplant before Chad and Megan finally kissed, it was the beginning of a love story you will never forget – and of a battle they shared and fought together.

I really can’t say anymore than the synopsis above other than if you love to read and read about a true love story that will tug at your heart-strings, then check out Megan’s new book.  I am certain it will be a big hit.  Previews have all ready predicted it to be a best seller. 


If you want to follow Megan along with her journey  as she leads up to the launch of her book – you can find her on Instagram (@MeganDubs) twitter: @MeganDubs and her face book page Our Interrupted Fairy Tale

I know this story and I know the ending….but I can’t share it or Megan would shoot me. 😉  Take a look around her FB page, learn about her book, her life…she is something else, has a tremendous personality, with a gift to write.  There is no doubt many will love this story so enjoy. 

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