2014 Piaggio MP3 LT – First Look

Three wheels made even more attractive and fun.

December 10, 2013 By   SOURCE:  Cycle World

2014 Piaggio MP3 Yourban LT 300 studio 3/4 view

MP3, the three-wheeler that tilts its front wheels and leans into corners like a motorcycle, is one of the smartest vehicles that Piaggio has ever produced. Rain or shine, the MP3 will never backfire on you; I can’t think of a safer “two-wheel” urban commuter. In fact, the MP3 responds like it has just two wheels, and that is where the fun starts. In poor weather conditions, this nimble, narrow-track machine remains absolutely surefooted, with solid directional stability, safe steering response, and great stopping power from its triple-disc brake system.

On a wet and very cold afternoon in Berlin, with a mix of rain and snow making the stone-paved Unter den Linden shine, I was testing the Gilera Fuoco, a more aggressive-looking 500cc derivative of the MP3, when a guy aboard a BMW R1200GS passed me. When we approached a wide roundabout, I easily out-braked him and, while still leaned over, opened the throttle, causing the rear tire to slide. I countersteered to control the drift then slowed just to see the astonished look on the other guy’s face. That was a lot of fun, but it also demonstrated how relaxing riding through town can be on the MP3—rain or shine.

Piaggio unveiled the latest, slightly updated version of the MP3 at the EICMA show in Milan, but media attention was focused on the Vespa Primavera. More recently in Paris, the MP3 had the floor all to itself. Paris is a special place for the MP3 because the French capital has the highest concentration of three-wheelers, which are enormously popular for their ability to sneak safely through congested traffic.

2014 Piaggio MP3 Sport LT 500 action shot

For 2014, the MP3 comes in two versions: LT and LT Yourban. LT stands for Large Tread and indicates the MP3 family has undergone an increase in front-wheel track to comply with European regulations that do not require a specific driving license for three-wheeled vehicles with a track greater than 460mm; both MP3s now measure 465mm (18.3 inches). Thus, MP3 is now in an even stronger position in Europe, making it accessible to middle-age motorists who don’t want to spend hours in traffic but would never attempt to get a motorcycle license. Continue reading “2014 Piaggio MP3 LT – First Look”

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