How many have seen this sign?

And did you make the turn NORTH???? We will be back one day….

How many have seen this sign too?

How many have been able to see one of these up close?  We did…best up close and personal we have ever experienced…

What has been your best Adventure?

Heading up to Mount McKinley aka Denali

Who knows where this is?

Finally why does this make us feel so good?


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13 thoughts on “How many have seen this sign?”

  1. Have seen most of them. Going back? Wait until the complete the road to Tuktoyatuk past Inuvik. Probably about a year before you will be able to ride to the Arctic Ocean on a public highway instead of having to ride to a camp and pay for the experience.

  2. Yes to all! (But I’m cheating) I’ve made the round trip 10 times but only once by motorcycle. Though most of the trips have been on the Cassiar unless there were some big fires or other closures. But have turned right several times from Hinton.

    Have you tried the Campbell Hwy yet?

    The bikes look like they want another adventure.

    1. We did ride the Dempster and Dalton. Top of World yes, Robert Campbell, Denali Highway, McCarthy-Kennicott Road all of them! Two Artic circles one trip! Loved it.

  3. Yes I have driven past the sign on about 8 round-trips from PA to Alaska. And the answer to the question “finally why does this make us feel so good” the top of the world and end of the Dalton Highway…or maybe because they had running water and a hot shower in the Prudhoe bay hotel..

  4. Not yet, but I’ll get there. A friend and I are planning on doing the Dalton to deadhorse. We were going to do it this last summer, but put off planning until waaay to late, so did a lower B.C. trip instead. We’ll see if we make it this summer—lesson learned that we need to start planning now if we’re going to do it!

    1. Kris just make sure your bikes are in good shape…pack for three seasons if you go in the summer, pack lightly, have a good sleeping bag and tent, bring a mosquito net, put Heidenau Tires on your bike…they will last the entire trip….don’t over plan and go with the flow.

      1. I definitely don’t want to over plan, and am a fan of the “somewhat winging it” approach, but when we were supposed to be leaving in 2 or three weeks on an 8k mile trip, we realized we’d procrastinated a bit too long. My riding buddy lives in Denver, and I’m in San Diego, so there’s coordinating meeting up, deciding what route we want to take, making sure that we can make it fuel range wise and planning out fuel stops—there’s definitely some stuff that needs to be planned. We had also talked about potentially taking the ferry system from anchorage to Seattle. More expensive than gas, but we’d get to see a lot of spectacular coastline, and would be cutting out riding that we would be backtracking on.

        We also realized on our last trip that while 500 mile days are easily doable, you end up wishing you’d had more time to spend checking out the sights and such, rather than pressing on to make your next stop for the night. Trying to do it in the 3 weeks we were figuring means a minimum average of 380mi/day. I’m a bit of a masochist in that I kind of like long days in the seat (my current best is about 750mi, not record setting but nothing to sneeze at), but it does wear on you day after day.

        We’re both running Anakees on our bikes, and I’d guess both sets will have about 1000 miles on them by summer. I think they should get us at least back to the US, if not all of the way home, though they’ll be pretty worn at that point. If we take the ferry they definitely shouldn’t be an issue.

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