Winter Getaway Part II

Over night the resort filled up a bit more and it was my lone bike among all cars.

Yesterday I had planned on exploring on the bike the surrounding area but after a beautiful sunrise…

…sea fog rolled in not only around the water but inland too.  It was destined to stick around the entire day.  So, after having a great yet a bit expensive breakfast at the Cedars restaurant I walked around looking at cottages for sale in the area and went to the beach. 

I love it when a restaurant offers you a jug a coffee and leave it your table.  Classy too.

Not a great riding day but a nice day to relax and just enjoy what scenery I could see.

I recommend Tigh-Na-Mara it’s a great place to stay with a ton of accommodations to choose from at all different rates as well.  Also, pet friendly here which is a plus.

When I got back from my morning walk this was the new view from my balcony.  Just about fogged in….and this was pretty dense.

I came here to relax and I did but…I realize that my sleeping habits are very abnormal from the normal person.  Since 13 I never really sleep a full night.  Being away with no dogs, work or anything to interfere with being able to sleep in I am still not able to get more than 5 hours.  Sucks being me because I always hear how “normal” folks just LOVE and can’t wait to hit their beds.  For me it’s about just getting enough sleep to refuel my body not about sleeping in.  I wish I could stay in bed but impossible.  I have an innate biological alarm clock too.  I have NEVER set an alarm clock in my life.  Not bragging just fact.

I did manage to sneak in a nap and then cruised the beach at low tide.  When I first moved out west and went to my first west coast beach I thought is was more like dirt.  Learned quickly west coasters take pride when it comes to their beaches and I should not compare them to the white sandy beaches I grew up with on Long Island, NY.  So, here is a typical west coast beach.

Totally normal to see huge cedar tree trunks lining beaches after being washed up ashore.

So, this was what some might call an uneventful day, others might see this as a golden opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors….I felt a bit relaxed and did take advantage of some down time.  Not used to relaxing, Type A here and I figure if I do more trips like this I will to learn to world of the uneventful and embrace it.  😉 

Friday, I attended the annual Vancouver Motorcycle show,

took the ferry to Vancouver Island,

chilled at a resort and today I am heading back to the mainland via Swartz Bay.  Will ride about 2 hours south of here to take that ferry route.  Fog is predicted for most of the morning so we shall see if I can see anything. 

All in all the most important part of this Winter Getaway is I got to get out on the bike and ride.  To me that is the most important part of taking advantage of time away from work.  Great way to keep the mind healthy and do what I love to do.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

2 thoughts on “Winter Getaway Part II”

  1. Nice little getaway! I was just there for a hockey tournament (2nd time) and was in awe of the scenery when the fog/clouds lifted. I only made it as far north as Mill Bay but that drive was actually quite clear, saw several motos, and was wishing for one to tour around in. Just another destination to add to the list – via moto that is 🙂

  2. How’d you like the Motorcycle show this year? i found it a bit smaller than previous years. Still got to goggle the new bikes, but chrome alley was missing and some of the other things as well.

    take care – travel safe – ride well

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