Clearing the Head

Short photo gallery of an area once again near our house.  East in an area called the Fraser Valley.  Friday is it was cold for us…below freezing with a wicked win chill but ever so sunny.  I often post about my area mainly for those who are not from here.  There is so much to see this time of year if you like the outdoors.  Wild life, snow capped mountains, skiing for those who love to do that…still off road riding in many areas too.  No bike today, too much black ice when I left in the morning.  

So, take a look around.  I saw plenty of bald eagles around the Fraser river…many immature ones learning how to survive by the few adults who are now repairing old nests and getting ready for our 2014 eaglet season.  Many eagles down south have all ready laid eggs and have off springs developing into fledglings.  We start later up here.  February and March “N”estorations time and April egg time.


  1. Garth says:

    Hmmmm read the title and thought it said “cleaning the head” and thought it may be a BMW boxer maintenance article ha ha. You folks are fortunate to be in a little piece of Canadian heaven where you are able to ride just about year round. I am afraid we will be a few weeks (months) from being able to clear the head on a bike ride. It has been a brutal winter here in the east. Best I have heard it described by a fellow rider is Tragically imprisoned by a relentless Canadian winter”. Have to stick to snowshoes I suppose.

  2. Dave says:


  3. Kevin Brent says:

    All great pictures and the mountains are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

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