Interview with KLIM about their new Female gear the Altitude

You will have to go to these gals web site to listen to the actual interview..scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to the details that went into developing gear that we women want to wear because it’s tough not just pretty…


a Terrific Motorcycle Podcast

Adventure Series – Interview with KLIM, Technical Riding Gear Manufacturer

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Thank you for joining us on the fifth installment of the Moterrific Podcast Adventure Series. In this episode, KLIM Technical Riding Gear invited me to visit their headquarters in Rigby, Idaho, to talk Altitude – the first women-specific technical riding gear option.  You’ll hear interviews with the designers and marketing department, both of which provide a “behind the scenes” view of the apparel manufacturing process that as a consumer we are largely unaware of.

Gore-Tex – Since their machines are all “top secret” to a certain extent, Gore-Tex makes their own marketing videos.

Seam Comparison between Gore-Tex and that product marketed at the retail level which is “like” Gore-Tex: Can you guess which is which?



What protects you in your Klim suit?  Apart from abrasion resistant materials, the D3O product comprising the armor is a tech savvy material that is provided in its un-cured, raw form for demonstrations purposes everywhere.  It’s not the material per se that’s top secret, but the curing process to turn it into its solid state form as armor.  To give you an idea of the raw material and its unusual traits, I shot a quick iPhone video here – D3O Armor Demo.

Found on the warehouse cutting room floor – the ever popular, ill-fated pink striped prototype:

Brief Klim HQ Slideshow:

Who are we?

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