Brand NEW, 16 inch lightly tinted F800GS (2013- ) shield which includes the BMW OEM bracket you need….

MSRP $189 USD, I am asking $140 USD – PREFER local PICK as shipping would be VERY costly.

We have adjusted the rake angle so it’s close enough to be effective, yet it still provides an ample amount of space between the rider and shield. These replacement shields incorporate a subtle reverse curve with a wider surface that pushes the air up and over the rider. The result is a shield that reduces or eliminates the torso blast and turbulent buffeting effects that’s associated with others. 

These shields are tall enough to be effective and are designed to be looked over when riding. Our enhanced system utilizes the OEM support bracket. It provides unequaled structural integrity and stability that’s a must for highway speeds. Five sizes and two tints to choose from for a shield that suits your riding needs. We also offer a sport version that creates an effective torso break or for when some extra air is a welcome relief.

Manufactured from .187 aircraft grade acrylic and available in clear, light & dark gray tints.

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