Sporting new gear on my SOLO 1 month trip

I am excited to be able to get the new KLIM Altitude Gore Tex suit made for women by KLIM to wear and review on my trip coming up in May.

I will also be reviewing the new Shoei RF1200 helmet…

these will be true tests as my trip should be about 14,000 KM’s.  It’s exciting to be able to not only get new gear but to experience it in real life, non magazine type review.  I will be honest as always and document everything here LIVE.  This includes how my 2013 BMW F800GS does on a long trip as well.  My bike has over 11,000 KM’s on it and I can’t wait to load it up for a real trip.  Departure date I hope will be May 17th…so stay tuned to this BLOG, I will link my GPS tracks and ride report I will do on either the ADV Rider forum or F800 forum.  As well as my Facebook page which will have probably more up to the minute info.

Hope you follow along, and I have started a journal to try to meet as many ADV riders throughout my route.  Again, my route will change based on time and weather etc.  The map is just a really rough idea.  Stay tuned for more updates. Leslie


  1. Dave says:

    Looking forward to the reviews and trip blogs.

  2. Jimi Schroeder says:

    Have a great safe trip. Say hello to Long Island for me. I grew up out there and haven’t been back to my home town since 1975. Maybe one day I’ll get back. Looks like a great route you’re taking. Peace, Jimi

  3. My gear has the same D3O pads in it as what I see in the diagram above and I absolutely love them – they mould to your body from your body heat and seem to disappear after 5 minutes, you can’t feel them at all. Would love to hear your thoughts Leslie.

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