Quick update about the KLIM Altitude

ALT jacket

Going back to KLIM Canada today with hopes I can get the sizing I need. I think since I am so used to wearing guy sizing I was a bit surprised by not only the jacket and it’s cut but also the pants. The KLIM Altitude jacket is more tailored than a guys jacket obviously. But seems to me to be too tailored in it’s cut. Made for a Tall lean gal versus a regular height kinda athletic build.

The pants run BIG…so if anyone grrl is looking at this suit, if you wear a 12 in pants I bet you would be a 10 in this suit. The jacket I got was a medium. Even with the side hip gators open the jacket was incredibly tight across the bust line…I am NOT busty and in the shoulders..I am not that broad. So, I hope a Large jacket and size 12 pants will fit my shape. I also hope I can just bring this suit back to the Langley warehouse which is 20 mins away from my house versus having to ship it back and pick up a new suit directly from the warehouse.  Continue reading “Quick update about the KLIM Altitude”

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