Quick update about the KLIM Altitude

ALT jacket

Going back to KLIM Canada today with hopes I can get the sizing I need. I think since I am so used to wearing guy sizing I was a bit surprised by not only the jacket and it’s cut but also the pants. The KLIM Altitude jacket is more tailored than a guys jacket obviously. But seems to me to be too tailored in it’s cut. Made for a Tall lean gal versus a regular height kinda athletic build.

The pants run BIG…so if anyone grrl is looking at this suit, if you wear a 12 in pants I bet you would be a 10 in this suit. The jacket I got was a medium. Even with the side hip gators open the jacket was incredibly tight across the bust line…I am NOT busty and in the shoulders..I am not that broad. So, I hope a Large jacket and size 12 pants will fit my shape. I also hope I can just bring this suit back to the Langley warehouse which is 20 mins away from my house versus having to ship it back and pick up a new suit directly from the warehouse. 



I hope KLIM agrees with my plan because I would like this suit today and begin breaking it in. Oh, the side/hand pockets on the pants are nice but way too shallow. There isn’t a cargo pocket on the pants either which I am sure the next generation will have. Just my first initial impression. Hand pockets on the jacket are great and if you need to compare this suit to one in the guys line? It would definitely be the Misano Latitude.

If I can get a suit in the new sizing I will put together a much more thorough review for sure.  Just wanted to post I have actually seen the suit in person and at least got to try it on before it goes back.  More later.

Author: advgrrl

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10 thoughts on “Quick update about the KLIM Altitude”

  1. The sizing issue is what I found with my Latitude also. The medium was tight (actually a near perfect fit) but felt to tight if I were to put my gerbing liner or a heavier sweatshirt under it . I got the large and it was good with he heavier layers under it but felt too big alone. Make sure you try the gear on with what you will ride wearing including liners etc. I found the Latitude to be too much for my around town and local bush rides so I sold the suit and went with the Traverse.

    Will be very interested in your sizing and review as we have been waiting for this jacket for my wife. She has the traverse pants and may just stay with them unless we hear there are any real benefits,

    1. The Altitude pants are baggy cut like the Traverse but will fit grrls better in the crotch and hips. The jacket is way too tailored which seems to be a mismatch with the type of cut for the pants. So, fitted up top but not so much below. Not a look or feel I would want. I love my Traverse but it just does not fit me anymore and I am forced no matter what to wear too large of sizes to fit the Traverse. So……I will see if getting the Large jacket is large enough around the bust line and shoulders for my Gerbing liner…I only wear a base and the liner at most. I am pretty certain getting the smaller pants will fit well and be really comfy…it’s the jacket I am really concerned about.

  2. I’m interested how the color/dirt factor has been for you. My light grey stuff gets so filthy…so quickly shows its wear. I live in Portland, so we do get a fair bit of “weather” here on the roads, but never mind off-road dust and dirt, mud, etc. !

    1. Been wearing the light traverse since 2010. Looks better dirty lol. I think this suit will need to be washed a bit more if you like a clean suit. When I’m on the road I hose down my gear to get the dust off and wash it maybe 3 times a year

  3. Seems everyone has issues getting stock riding gear to fit. I ended up with mesh kevlar Motoport which is custom made to your specs. Especially the pants which to have made you send a pair of your denim jeans that you mark the knees with tape and taper to fit your legs with close pins. In a few years (snarky remark) you get a pair that fits you perfectly. You can customize the pockets, zippers and armor. They have great thigh protection. Jackets are also custom fit by Motoport. Aerostitch also will custom fit a suit or jacket / pants to your specs. Both custom suit brands will cost about the same as the Kilm but won’t have the style or fines of the Klim (or Rev’it). I guess it depends on how much protection you feel comfortable with or we would all ride Joe Rocket.

  4. Thank you for the first-hand fit information! I’m going to try the KLIM suit on at a dealer open house on the 20th. Your comments will be in my mind and I’ll let you know what I think. I’ll try the BMW GS Dry Suit on for comparison at the same event.


    1. The GS Dry suit will be a completely different suit. KLIM is 100% waterproof outside in…BMW’s GS shell will get soaked but you will stay dry inside. That is why I always lean towards KLIM. I think in the case I should have gone with the Men’s Misano Latitude jacket and Altitude pants. But I will take the Altitude on my cross country trip and see how it does.

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