Real Life Gear Testing

Throughout my X Country trip I will be reviewing in detail the gear I use, new and old.  The big new additions to my kit are the KLIM Altitude suit, Shoei RF 1200 helmet, Cardo Q3 intercom, Alpinestars Toucan GoreTex boots ( I have had these for a while and LOVE them) and a new OverBoard Dry bag…

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I have some other items that I will also include but will wait for later to include them.  8 more days until I leave for my 2014 Solo X Country Adventure and when I read Ride Reports I look for real life reviews of gear as well as tons of pictures to see places where I may never go or want to go.  So, that is my goal…to be informative yet informal.  I need to learn to pack what I am used to on one bike rather two.  Cheryl and I would split the gear so in this case I will take less and focus on what I really need.

Hopefully this weekend I will get to my packing list, test my camping stove and see where everything will go on the bike.  I have Jesse Hard bags, Safari 8 inch side panniers and a 45L top box.  Have had this luggage since 2010 when I got this set up for my 2010 BMW F650GS.  So, not large panniers but have a lot of room in some regards.

My other goals for this trip is to have fun,. enjoy meeting new and old friends, heal my brain and heart….enjoy my 1 month of freedom and stay safe.  Once I get all my gear out I will post a pre-departure post.  Stay tuned…Oh, someone asked me the other day how long I have been planning for this trip?  I decided to go in February and my planning will really begin this weekend?  🙂

Some of my posts might seem somewhat redundant for those who follow everyday, but I get a few hundred new visitors each day so somethings are worth repeating.  I hope my blog will hit 2,000,000 hits by the end of this trip.

I will be riding on my trusty Heidenau K60 Scout tires.  Have 13,000 KM’s on them now and will be needing new tires by Ontario.

and finally my ride…

More later….



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