It’s Never too Late…

Was up at 0330 this morning, May 11th, Mother’s Day looking at maps.  Even though I only have 6 days left to “prepare” it’s never to late to scout out possible routes, check ones gear and do a little inspection of the bike. After looking at maps so early they began to look a little like this…

I noticed my tire pressure was quite low.  Possibly because of the changes in weather and to be honest I have not stayed on top of the pressure checking area.  When on the road I check all the time.

Pumped them back up to a ripe 38psi both rear and front.  I use Heidenau Scout K60 tires.  I all ready have 13,000 KM’s on them so keeping the pressure up I hope will make them last until I get to Ontario for replacements.  I am sorry to hear that Dual Sport Plus in Ontario are retiring at the end of June and shutting down.  I am lucky they will fit me in for a full service, including valve inspection and new tires.

So, I was somewhat productive today regarding my trip but got side tracked with household chores too…like cutting the lawn, taking care of the gardens, cleaning etc.  So, I got all my gear down, checked my sleeping bag, all good there, Therm-A-Rest pad…check…tools, oil filter, brakes pads all new and good.  Threw everything down from my loft area and I got to look at this mess..

Cleaned my brake pads too.  So, after traveling with two for many years and dividing the gear between two bikes…I need to down size a bit and make sure I bring only what I need and get it all into my luggage.  I can tell you this I am all ready taking out clothes I want to bring versus need to bring.

I will sift through all this tomorrow and start placing items into their designated location on the bike, make sure it’s balanced etc.

Camping stove works after being dormant for over a year…took awhile to get the awesome blue flame but it eventually showed up. This stove can use unleaded gas as well as white fuel.

Nemo has a cool pillow that inflates like a Therm-A-Rest pad and you can adjust its firmness.  Has some webbing on the back if you need to prop it up with a shirt on something.  Cool part it has its own built-in stuff sack and packs into itself…very small I might add.  The pic does not do it justice.  It packs really small I promise.

Then packed…

At this point I had enough, clothes upstairs and the lawn was yelling at me to cut it…Left the bike, went to the yard.  Last night I did a little of this…

and today I did a little of this too…I love my back yard.

There is plenty for me to do when I get back when it comes to finishing the deck trim and have to re-stain it because last summer I stained in REALLY hot weather.

So peaceful at times…we have lot’s of kids in the hood but today was quiet.  All the moms were out with their families so I got to have me time and visit some friends left behind relaxing at their own homes.  All the while planning in my head the packing and getting ready for Saturday’s departure east.  I will be staying Canada until Alberta I think or maybe to Eastern BC then down through the States.

I will be posting my SpotWalla tracking URL soon.  It will be live on Friday but you won’t see any movement until Saturday when I leave.  I am hoping I set up the SpotWalla page correctly and will check at the end of the day Saturday to see if it is tracking me.

So, 6 days…well…5 by the time most read this until my SOLO trip.  I will miss my dogs as always…but I am getting excited to see what it is like to be on my own.  More packing pics as I go along.


Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

2 thoughts on “It’s Never too Late…”

  1. Six more days, why rush the packing. As long as you have the essentials, the rest can be picked up along the way.

    BTW, that is a really nice yard, especially the tiered gardens…

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