Last Minute Inspection

I got lucky and was able to get my bike inspected, oil changed to semi-synthetic, new oil filter and chain adjusted @This is a local shop that can work on most bikes including BMW’S. Which is great because they fit me in and are way cheaper than the dealer. The guys even fixed my top box. Was missing a spacer and would rattle like crazy. A recent find of mine. Box is secured and going no where…no charge even though they had to take the mount a part.I did not get the techs names but they were very helpful and the young man who worked on my bike said when I left…”that’s a NICE bike”. So, love the fact they will work on my bike and even will do major work…all certified and approved. A Universal shop near my house and I did not know this until yesterday.I need a lift like this in my garage. Now that there is only one bike I think that I will place this on my own wish list.

It was in the 90’s F today…30 C. Helmet vents really well and so does my jacket. my bike turned 13,300 KM’s today

which will be most likely my starting mileage on Saturday. Bike checked out really well as it should and I feel so much better I had a pro take a look before I left. 3 days left..





More Prep and Gadgets

I have heard many times that riding today’s bikes are way too technological and we as riders bring too many gadgets. I guess it’s partly true in some sense but I also believe as an ADV rider (all rides are an ADV to the rider BTW), that we can choose how we want to travel at all times.

I mean isn’t that the beauty of taking a trip in any shape of form as you will and make it what you want? Some like single cylinder engines with no techno gadgets, to get away from the crazy world we live in….solitude. I can find solitude even riding with others on my bike. To me there is no real argument to judge or be judge how one defines an adventure. I say do whatever you want as long as you come back in one piece.

On this trip being SOLO, I am more confident that using my SPOT Connect is a great way for my family/friends and the public to keep an eye on me. I will have tracking set up and with this little device I can send a LIVE text message at the end of the day to say where I am and all is OK up to ten emails.

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