Departure Day

Nothing like getting woken up at 0215 to three dogs barking in the house and then I made the mistake in letting them out and all hell broke loose.  We have bears around as well as many other creatures.  I did not see anything but the dogs had a scent.

The culprits…

So, innocent looking here Sierra and Cruizer

and this one…although 14, Xander was the leader!

So, my Lab/Shepard X and Beagle went howling up my garden, surely waking up all the neighbors to catch something, while my little guy just barked orders from the lawn.

Again, I saw nothing but that means nothing in a dogs world.  I finally got them down and quiet and now I am up…I need to nap but today I leave, 1 month, just me and my bike….I am prepared for all the weather that is being reported back to me from across the nation.

Bike is a bit heavier than when I traveled with 2, but it’s pretty balanced and I am sure I will get used to it.

I am not taking a whole lot of tire tools.  As I stated before I am really not the best mechanic and I do have BMW roadside and BCAA if really needed. I brought with me tools that can fix easy things, tighten loose screws, bolts, stuff like that, and plugs holes. As always a tire pump too.

Here she is tucked in hours before we leave.

What I like about the Jesse panniers is how narrow they are.  They do not stick out past the handlebars.  Mind you these are only 8 inch Safari bags, they don’t make them anymore but make 9 inch.  If I could change my panniers I wouldn’t mind that extra inch for a solo trip but I packed smartly and everything is definitely snug.

I have a tent, stove, Therm-A-Rest and sleeping bag.  That takes up quite a bit of room in general.  If all I was planning was credit card lodging I would have space to spare.  I need to watch the $$ spent on this trip.

My Cardo Q3 will help entertain me.  I have audio books and a ton of music.

Cardo Q3

Going through a separation you never know how much the actual separation will cost.  So far a lot in more ways than one.  I have mixed emotions about this trip.  I am used to having Cheryl at my back for thousands of KM’s.  I am just used to having her on all my trips for the last many years.

It’s always been Cheryl & Leslie….

So, my journey begins today…to “find” myself, try to come to terms with this whole new concept of just Leslie, will I want to stay and live in Canada?  I mean I came here for her.  Lot’s of thinking…lot’s a new memories to be made from this one simple trip.

I will do my best to keep coming with the updates but I have to see how my routine goes while actually on the trip.  How much time I have to try to do everything.  Check out the first page, SpotWalla is working and live as long as I remember to correctly connect my SPOT Connect each day, and Face Book will probably be the easiest place for quick updates.

Back to bed for a few more and I should be out the door by 0800-0900 or so.

Again until next time…


Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

17 thoughts on “Departure Day”

  1. Blah. Dater the ex for almost five years. She was my riding partner and best friend. It’s been over a year. Still feel a little odd sometimes leaving for places by myself… But when I’m back on the road I forget about why I fell for her and remember all the reasons I still love riding. And then everything’s ok.

    Ride safe,


    1. I think it will take awhile for me to get used to this but I am sure in time riding solo might be more embraced by me rather than seen as a negative.

  2. Save travels, Leslie. I hope that your solo journey is one of tranquility, discovery, and pleasant surprises.

    Charlottesville, VA USA

  3. Leslie, Hoping Your solo journey will be nothing but Sarine & Safe . I really envie You – wish some day I could Go for a Long Ride like You , sometimes riding is like life – Focus on what’s Ahead of You and occasionally Look in the Mirrors at what’s Behind .
    You Go ADVGRRL !!!

  4. Change is seldom easy, but you are used to riding out front, not being a follower. Be Advgrrl!! You have more friends than you probably realize who are praying for you to find your way out of this confusing period. But, you will find you way and be stronger and better for the journey.

  5. “Counselors” say that it’s best to wait for the “dust to settle” before making any big decisions. Stay in the moment and enjoy your trip as much as you can…. it’s not everyday that we get a to spend a month touring on our beloved motorcycles. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  6. Although it will all be new and strange, you will eventually find lots of benefits to not having to negotiate nearly all decisions with somebody else. You can just suit yourself and be fancy free. After my first solo trip, I revelled in the joy of buying a new and much smaller tent, I felt so happy cocooned in that small space which was all mine! Enjoy!

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