Day 11 – “I’m sorry I did not mean to hit your bike”

Day 11 = 571 Km’s – Matthews, NC – Wiliamsburg, VA

Got your attention didn’t I? I stop at McD’s for wifi, bathroom breaks etc. Yesterday I actually got a quarter pounder, some calories, fat and food. Still feel as though I am not eating enough but seems like I am always snacking.

I leave the parking the lot and I am at a stop sign. Near the border of NC & VA. I’m waiting for traffic to make a left turn and I am watching this dude in his car, sitting really low in his seat texting on his phone. I watch in my side view mirrors as he starts to roll closer to me. I have a firm foot on my rear brake but not my front YET.

He eventually taps my rear wheel, my bike lunges, I grab a full front brake, jam on my rear, wobble but some how don’t fall. Put my kickstand down, get off my bike and say to the dude, “what the hell?”. He said, “oh dude I am sorry I did not mean to hit your bike, you ok?” I said “get off your damn phone that could have been a disaster” and walked away. No damage to my bike or me which is the good news.

I pulled over to the other side of the road to regroup and off I went.

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