Day 12 con’t and Day 13 – Revzilla & Coming Home

After I left a really sunny, HOT Washington DC, I went north to Philly. Still warm all the way up until about 120 KM’s outside Philadelphia. I noticed the temperature dropping from 35, 30, 20, 15, 12 C. I saw the skies darken which can only mean one thing…another Spring Storm. I sort of knew this. Been texting a good friend of mine who lives in Philly and he said it was cool and raining.

I pulled over at a gas station to close all my vents, put on my heated liner, warmer gloves and I was really thankful I did. This is what I rode through for about an hour.

Another hail storm with huge dumps of rain at times. I was warm and comfy though on the bike and at this point doesn’t phase me the hail I mean anymore.
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Day 12 – Hot and COLD (Part I – DC)

After spending 2 nights and day at my brother’s families house in NC and a night at my old friend’s house in Williamsburg, VA, I left the south to head north to Philadelphia, PA to visit the REVZILLA relatively new store in Philly by the old Navy yard.

I went to Colonial Williamsburg on my way out of town but I was too early even for the visitors centre to be open. Too early for almost everything but a cute breakfast place.

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