Day 12 con’t and Day 13 – Revzilla & Coming Home

After I left a really sunny, HOT Washington DC, I went north to Philly. Still warm all the way up until about 120 KM’s outside Philadelphia. I noticed the temperature dropping from 35, 30, 20, 15, 12 C. I saw the skies darken which can only mean one thing…another Spring Storm. I sort of knew this. Been texting a good friend of mine who lives in Philly and he said it was cool and raining.

I pulled over at a gas station to close all my vents, put on my heated liner, warmer gloves and I was really thankful I did. This is what I rode through for about an hour.

Another hail storm with huge dumps of rain at times. I was warm and comfy though on the bike and at this point doesn’t phase me the hail I mean anymore.

I could not make it to Philly before Revzilla closed. Found another KOA but not to set up the tent in the rain to get a cabin. I felt a bit ripped off because I showed up late and every other KOA has been gracious to drop the rate because I just show up to sleep.

Nice KOA about 50 KM’s outside Philly.

Took a detour before actually moving onto another city. Back country Pennsylvania roads are sweet, rustic with old farm charm.

Nice twisities and peaceful riding for early in the morning. Overcast skies, cooler out just the way I like it.

The folks at Revzilla recommended I stop at this dive called T&N for breakfast. Very small, I mean tiny little greasy spoon right around the corner from the Revzilla store. Great food and coffee.

I wonder if those flowers are plastic?

Revzilla is not located in downtown Philly but by the Navy ship yard. Brand new building…state of the art to be honest. I got a tour of their “headquarters”, where they take orders, customer service, IT etc. They have a gym, game room, hang out loft, little concession area, coffee makers…looks like a great place to work. Most ride that work there and those I met were really nice as well. Here are a few pics of the sleeping Navy ships. Looked kind of creepy like a shipyard ghost town.

I arrived at Revzilla at 1000 when they opened. I was to met Joanne, who owns a website called GearChic

Was also pre-planned to meet Rania an online “friend” at 1100.

Met them both is was great putting online faces to real life. Got the tour, met Anthony…yes the guy in all their videos. He was nice enough to break from a meeting to come say hello.

The store itself is beautifully laid out, spotless and has very enthusiastic people running the floor. It is a riders HEAVEN…too bad I have no room on the bike to buy anything

Look at all those helmets on display. Such an impressive store. I can see why many travel here just to have a look inside.

What a beast of a bike eh? In the middle of their showroom.

I even got a screaming bright Revzilla T Shirt as a gift…

I was really glad I stopping in to say hello. I will be back one day. One thing I actually forgot to buy a new pin lock shield for my RF1200. Totally forgot to ask them for it. That I can fit on my bike. Oh well…

So, if anyone from Revzilla reads this…thank you for the tour and for taking time out to entertain me for 2 hours.

I left Philly at about 1300 and did not get to Long Island until 1930. Traffic all over the NYC area was brutal, construction on the Verrazano Bridge started my trek to my parents nightmare. I swore in 2010 I would never ride to LI via the city but I did and ended up in rush hour traffic.

No side roads could save me either.

Got to seem some cool cop bikes at a gas station in New Jersey.

After I took this picture some guy comes up to me and stares into my eyes…and says to his girlfriend in the car…”YOU see I was right…she is a CHICK…OM I need to take a picture…this is so cool, love this damn ass great looking bike….” Then he says…”What kind of bike is it…? Oh I don’t care you seem like a real biker chick to me and I need a picture with you.” OMG he was so funny and sure enough he got his picture of the two of us, my bike and I could hear him in the car saying OMG a chick riding that big bike, how f’ing cool”. Loved it.

My trek to Long Island was crossing over some bridges, a $13 toll for one, no discount for bikes, crappy roads and then home where I grew up. I arrived and my parents were not home. I later found out they were at church.

I have never entered the city area via New Jersey like this. Got a great view of the southern tip of Manhattan. Where the new Freedom Tower stands tall and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Took me 6 hours to ride only a few hundred KM’s…in the end that too is part of this trip. Testing my patience, again endurance…was riding for 11 1/2 hours on and off the bike. Made it home and here until Monday, June 2…then to Connecticut for a Tuesday Service at MAX BMW in Brookfield, CT.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

30 thoughts on “Day 12 con’t and Day 13 – Revzilla & Coming Home”

  1. Loving your posts. 🙂

    Curious how you decide where to camp at night. Do you plan it out early in the day, or use something to find something nearby when you decide later in the day where to camp out?

      1. OK thanks. Do you use an app, or have a book with good places listed? That’s exactly how I tour. But I always seem to have trouble finding a good place when I’m improvising …

      2. Oh man, that’s awesome. Just now getting my new Garmin hardwired into my F700GS. Hadn’t even occurred to me to use it for that. great tip, thanks.

  2. Really enjoy your is something I wanted to do also…thanks for the comments..makes sense of everything…glad it is a great ride…stay positive!

  3. Great posts Leslie. Glad you survived NYC traffic. Hope you put on a “pretty little girly voice” for the guy in the car. BTW – It is awesome what you’re doing.
    As a side note, I hope your mother said a prayer for your legs getting longer or your bike getting shorter so you can reach the ground.

  4. Wow, you were right in my neck of the woods, West Chester, PA. I recognized the KOA cabin, and I ride on Route 162 through Marshalton and Embreeville all the time. What a great adventure! Can’t wait to get to the Revzilla store in Philly too. Thanks for the pix!

  5. Don’t know how you do it. I don’t think I would ever ride into D.C., NYC or just about any city for that matter. I guess too long in AK.

    I’ve been really enjoying your ride report. Williamsburg is still one of my favorite places to visit and have spent some time getting lost on PA back roads looking for covered bridges. Thank you for letting us virtually tag along.

    1. City riding is crazy riding for sure. But somehow and someway I actually find it “fun”…glad you are still around reading posts. Thanks Richard!

  6. I’m so impressed with the Revzilla store…wow… thank you for letting us in on that great facility. Next time I shop online at Revzilla I’ll make sure to mention advgrrl.

    I love the “dude” story too! “chick on bike” duh…..

    Leslie, you have so much courage and determination…..all I can say is “you rock”!

  7. That picture of the Navy ship by itself, that was my old ship in the Navy. USS Shreveport. She’s seen better days…lol

      1. Well it’s been there for several years, and I have been there a couple of times. But, it was also my home for 5 years…lol

      2. Yeah, I know. 🙂 A lot of history to that ship. Real shame their going to turn her into razor blades.

      3. Can I do a short post about your ship? Don’t have to mention your name in it but that a reader pointed this out…I find it amazing anyone that reads this blog would personally know this ship

      4. Sure. You can use my name. Most every Sailor, always knows their first ship when they see it. No matter how many years it’s been or how bad a shape it’s in. Hard to explain really…lol

  8. I met Anthony in Bloomsburg at the MOA rally a few years back. Also met his mom, who was a sweetheart!! It doesn’t hurt that he is just as HOT in person as he is doing those product videos!! It is on my bucket list to get to the store.

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