Day 12 – Hot and COLD (Part I – DC)

After spending 2 nights and day at my brother’s families house in NC and a night at my old friend’s house in Williamsburg, VA, I left the south to head north to Philadelphia, PA to visit the REVZILLA relatively new store in Philly by the old Navy yard.

I went to Colonial Williamsburg on my way out of town but I was too early even for the visitors centre to be open. Too early for almost everything but a cute breakfast place.

So while I was trying to figure out what I should do, this nice old lady comes over to my bike and me and says, you look hot and lost. It was muggy even at 0700. She told me of a great little place in town that has the best coffee and food and said the visitor center doesn’t open until 0900. I couldn’t wait that long because I knew the ride up to DC and Philly would be really hot/humid and it would take a while to get up there. She also said, you look determined and on a heck of a trip. Enjoy yourself, stay cool and PLEASE be safe. Thoughtful of this old sweet gal.

So off to breakfast I went and she was right…good food and great coffee.

Quaint restaurant as all the buildings in this area seem to be…quaint. Again been here before when I lived in NY but it’s been many many years.

When on a trip just can’t help but to post pics of food. So far since hitting the east my blood sugars have been really low. Hypoglycemic low no matter all the snacking I am doing and stopping.

So, I was told to eat more carbs, fats and sweets. I think it’s the heat and I am burning more calories on the bike than I thought I would…so, here is my fatty carb breakfast.

All the buildings in this small area showing the history

Historical background

Williamsburg was the thriving capital of Virginia when the dream of American freedom and independence was taking shape and the colony was a rich and powerful land stretching west to the Mississippi River and north to the Great Lakes. For 81 formative years, from 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, cultural, and educational center of what was then the largest, most populous, and most influential of the American colonies. It was here that the fundamental concepts of our republic — responsible leadership, a sense of public service, self-government, and individual liberty — were nurtured under the leadership of patriots such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and Peyton Randolph.

Full by now I was off north to DC with the idea I would get to Revzilla
before they closed.

My shameless plug. Revzilla is an amazing online and now physical store where you can buy almost anything one would need for their bike and themselves. If you do buy from Revzilla and mention my name or advgrrl I get a little commission that helps off set my Blog Or, go to the blog, click on the widget in the right hand panel and I also great credit that way. Just a thought and this company has the BEST…I mean best customer appreciation and return policies. Done with my own plug. Thanks.

But first I had to stop off in DC to see the government buildings. I have not been to DC since I was a kid so I thought this would be the perfect chance to check things out. On my way up from Virginia it was a balmy 88-95 F or about 32-35 C. Again with the humidity it was like riding in soup.

Being on this coast and even when I try to get away from the main roads it just seems there are so many people who live out here. Stark contrast to when one rides across the middle America states.

I am partial to riding where less cagers roam but I am choosing to find them and ride with them on this trip.

I set my GPS to take me to the White House I ride past the Pentagon without really knowing it. But the above is a on the bike shot. Quite a distance from all the other government buildings but when passing this one I couldn’t help to think about 9/11.

I posted some pictures of the White House on Facebook and it turned into a political show. I am posting these out of respect for our Nations Capital and history not showing whether or not I am for or against the present government in office. I think DC is pretty fascinating and that is why I went there….that is why I took pictures of the beautiful buildings. I hope anyone who reads this keeps that in mind.

Hardly anywhere to park or pull over in DC. The Washington Monument came up to my right and I tried so hard to get a shot and look for a place to park but DC was booming for a Wednesday and traffic was all over the place. One thing for sure is good thing I am used to riding in cities because although it was busy I felt sort right at home.

Here is a better stock pic of this interesting monument

My GPS thought you can still drive by the White House so it took me to Pennsylvania Ave where I could not make a left and ride past the building. Instead I was greeted by a cop who yelled at me for “turning” into a little pull out to regroup myself.

I noticed right away I had to walk to see any building around the park but needed to find a place to park. Cop says get out of here. I say where can I park? He says anywhere but here move your bike. Like as if I can just readjust my bike quickly and move anywhere. I ended up seeing where a few bikes were parked across the street, navigated through traffic and got an illegal space under a tree.

My DS bike out of its element in a city. No one seems to know what type of bike this is when they come check it out. I saw a BMW…they say WOW, never seen anything like it. Well, it does look out-of-place in the Urban jungle but as far it being a touring bike? The F8 is doing just fine.

Got a quick shot of the Canadian Embassy

Capital Hill

Treasury Building

Protestors outside the White House with signs and chanting…”Freedom of Speech” Love it.

I Learned something about someone I never heard off by reading off the street.

Nice parks and ponds all around the tourist trap/area

Just walking 150 yards to see the White House I was soaked from sweat but you now it was worth the visit…this was the end of my self tour of DC at the White house and then got back on my bike to get to Philly…part II coming soon of Day 12 and then 13.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

10 thoughts on “Day 12 – Hot and COLD (Part I – DC)”

  1. Yeah, DC traffic and parking is a nightmare! I’ve gone in on metro and in my car, but not yet braved the trip on my bike!!! Definitely some beautiful buildings to see (did you know DC has some smaller glass pyramids, lookalike predecessors to the Louvre?), and I’m glad you enjoyed your self-guided tour! Keep taking care of yourself!!!

    1. No did not know that…cool piece of info. Thanks for the comment and yep DC was nuts to navigate through but I managed to my surprise.

  2. Be careful with the humidity. It will zap your strength and attention span. Drink plenty, and often – not only water. Get something to replace electrolites. Eat healthy as well. Be safe and enjoy!

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